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Komodo Dragon Attacks European Divers

Five divers in Indonesia got carried away and ended up staying a couple of nights at Mantaolan, on the island of Rinca off the Komodo National Park. The group went missing last Thursday and were found [...]

Ambrosia Essence and other Organic Skin Care Options

Some days I wonder if I am all alone in my quest for a cleaner planet. Then I find a kindred spirit or read an article and know that the collective consciousness is moving in the [...]

Somebody Stop that Cow!

As if auto and industrial emissions aren’t enough to pollute our air, it is now being found that cattle also makes its “contributions” to causing environmental pollution. In fact, one European country, Lithuania, has now passed [...]

Green Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning often means having to use harsh, toxic cleaning compounds that are not only damaging to our environment but physically hazardous as well. As a result of more attention being given to organic and environmentally [...]

Good news for beer drinkers

For those of you who only thought that drinking red wine is good for one’s health, and not beer, think again. Beer is now being found to be not only as good as red wine for [...]

Bagua: The Feng Shui Compass to Balance and Harmony

Picture: Bagua is one of the main tools used to analyze the Feng Shui of any given space. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese tradition which strives to achieve harmony and balance between the forces [...]

The Beauty of Body Art

Picture Credit Eva: Artists Online Body art, as compared to normal tattooing, involves using the human body as the basis for various forms of art. Many body art creations are so intricate and creative that they [...]

Smart Ways For Muscle Building

Building body muscles requires more than just working out in a gym or health club. Experts in the field of sports medicine and nutrition generally agree that there are three important steps in body building for [...]

Successful Bodybuilding & Goal Setting

(Hat Tip: Fitness Muscle) Many people engage in the activity known as bodybuilding. The definition of the term refers to the goal of reaching maximum muscle tone and appearance which is accomplished by a combination of [...]

Tattoos An Expression of Personality

Tattoos and other similar forms of body art have been in existence as long as the human race. Artwork from ancient Sumerian and Egyptian tombs indicate that the art was already well established during the 2nd [...]