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Car Pollution a Bigger Threat to Human Lives than Auto Collisions

Car Pollution a Bigger Threat to Human Lives than Auto Collisions

Driving has its risks. Motorists have to be extremely careful when observing road conditions around them. Even so, there is always the risk of a collision by a negligent driver in which serious injury and even [...]

5 Most Fuel Efficient Cars For 2012

5 Most Fuel Efficient Cars For 2012

Fuel efficiency is one of the biggest selling points for any car manufacturer. With the rising costs of gas, consumers are beginning to forgo style and luxury in an effort to keep their cars on the [...]

No Energy Conservation System at Oregon State University

No energy conservation system is 100% effective; alas, there is always some energy that gets wasted. One common example is the automobile engine which gets quite hot. Some of the waste gets recovered by heating the [...]

Race to Bio-Diesel

For almost every type of vehicle, stock cars to Formula One to tractors, the racing season has arrived across the globe, and a special kind of renewable diesel and biodiesel could be the key to winning. [...]

Hey Barack – Where You Goin’ With That Drill In Your Hand?

Politifact, the fact-checking project of the St. Petersburg (Florida) Times, gives Obama a “No Flip” on the Flip-O-Meter in his announcement to expand offshore drilling in previously banned places. Politifact reports that Obama is keeping a [...]

Fisker Karma, Next in Naturalbuy Eco Cars

Never heard of a Fisker Karma before? That’s because it’s a new startup company, and their cars haven’t hit the road yet. It is a luxury sedan, with a price tag close to $90,000. Doable by [...]

Electicity-Generating Speed Bumps

It’s called the “Motion Power Energy Harvester,” and before even reading about this thing, I can bet I know the principles of its operation. Speed bumps are designed to slow you down, right? Of course right. [...]

Electric, Hybrid, AND Diesel? BMW Technological Orgy

We know, we know, electric cars use too much rare earth metals. We just wrote about it below. But that’s not going to stop us from covering the next ultra cool electric triple hybrid diesel plugin [...]

Nissan Turns a New Leaf

Looks like the world is waking up from it’s gasoline gorging party. Slowly, but surely. The latest step happened just today, with Nissan’s unveiling of its 2010 Leaf. (Get the title now?) It’s a cute little [...]

Water Powered Cars Not Just H2O

As unbelievable as this may sound, cars running on water are just about to be become reality – that’s on condition that the major oil companies and car manufacturer don’t try to “kill” the idea first. [...]