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US – China Trade War Over Solar Panels

US – China Trade War Over Solar Panels

Trade wars initiated by trade sanctions are nothing new. In fact they happen in many industries, especially those that are highly competitive. But it may be a surprise to learn that a trade war over solar [...]

Jinko Solar Jig

Jinko Solar Jig

A solar panel maker which was targeted by violent protests over pollution from one of its factories in eastern China recently apologized and says that it will do what is necessary to clean it up. Jinko [...]

China Cracking Down on Gutter Oil

China Cracking Down on Gutter Oil

Police in China have detained 32 people in a nationwide crackdown on “gutter oil“, or illegally recycled old kitchen oil. The campaign is part of an attempt to clean up China’s food safety record following several [...]

Chinese Oil Spill – Who Will Pay?

China’s oceanic administration says that its getting ready to file a law suit against the local unit of ConocoPhillips for damages to the environment that resulted from offshore oil spills that began in June. The State [...]

China – Why So Stingy?

Only days after the World Trade Organization ruled against China on its curbing of raw material exports, Chinese state media insisted it is well within its rights, legally and morally, to limit rare earth exports, as [...]

Chinese Pandas

China is about to engage in a once-every-ten-year count of giant pandas living in the wild. The official China Daily reported that upwards of sixty trackers are being trained at Wanglang National Reserve in the southwestern [...]

Atlas Shrugged

Notwithstanding that China produces 95% of the world’s rare earth minerals, they are home to only 37% of the world’s reserves. Considerable deposits are in the United States, Canada, India, Australia and Brazil. Let’s focus on [...]

Heavy Metal: More Business For China

“Seventeen metals on the periodic table of elements are the commotion from Tokyo to Washington, D.C.” Writes Catherine Ngai of National Geographic. Rare-earth metals or REMs are composed of element number 21, scandium; number 39, yttrium; [...]

Copenhagen Cop-Out

UPDATE The EU environment spokesman Andreas Carlgren says informal talks at Copenhagen resolved the impasse. The European Union says poor countries have stopped their boycott of climate change negotiations at Copenhagen and have found a solution [...]

Putin Proves That He Is A Real Tiger

In 2008 Vladimir Putin shot a five-year-old female tiger with a tranquilizer gun and helped put a transmitter around her neck. The transmitter allowed people to follow the animal’s perusing through Russia’s Far East. On Wednesday [...]