Getting Creative About Environmental Disaster

Gulf Oil shirtSteve Brooker, a good man from the state of Kansas, understandably perturbed by BP’s damage to the Gulf of Mexico has had a creative epiphany. He has made printing ink of lemons and oil. Brooker is using oil from the environmental disaster to make Necklaces and print T-shirts. Some of the proceeds he will donate to wildlife groups.

In order to print the T-shirts, the oil is mixed with the ink. The necklaces come with a vial of oil attached. Prices for the pieces start at 20 bucks.

The amount which goes to environmental charities is five bucks. The customer may choose which one he prefers out of the following selection: Tri-State Bird Rescue and Research, National Wildlife Federation and the National Audubon Society.

Every shirt and necklace says Brooker, represents one small step taken to clean up the Gulf.

The T-shirts may be found at

The page reads:

“Oil used to print the t-shirts or contained in our vial necklaces won’t be in the Gulf anymore and that’s a good thing!”

“Admittedly, the amounts of oil used are small and meant to be symbolic. By purchasing our Gulf Oil Necklaces and T-Shirts you show that you are doing your part to help clean up this mess.”

Looking Good Means Feeling Good

Nature lovers like myself – no this is not to toot my own horn – are some of the most beautiful people in the world. We that dear the extreme, we that have adventurous fun with Mother Earth and not at her expense are a dime a dozen. When I am hitting the single-track trails on my fat mountain bike, or blazing the slopes on my snowboard – when I am scaling ballsy cliffs with nothing but a rope, or surfing the big kahuna waves, I also want to look good.

MIZZEI know I know – now this might sound a little on the superficial side, but you must admit, whether you’re in the States, Europe or South America, members of the Extreme Green Team, and you know who you are, are easily identifiable in a large crowd. Maybe it’s the wind-burned cheeks, the earthy natural fragrance, the rough leather skin, the tough Carhartts and Patagonia – occasionally you find the dread-locked hemp-loving hippy. We tend to have fun the same way, care about our planet and even have a similar fashion sense.

If you’ve never surfed Camel Beach in Haifa, Israel or explored the caves in the Judean Desert or the Arava, you’re missing out. Israel is a very beautiful place in terms of the people, the land and the unique fashion. Now if you can’t quite afford a plane ticket what with all of your holiday spending, you can at least bring some Sabra vibes to where you are – with a new designer line of jewelry called MIZZE.

The name of the line is a play-on-words, based on the Hebrew, ?? ??, it means, “who is it?” – perhaps questioning us about our identity… are you the nature lover, the spiritual type, the effortlessly fashionable? If so, then you’d look good in some of Mizze’s pieces.

They are available at a few stores outlets including Charm Jewelry store

The jewelry is made at an independent studio in Israel. The work features traditional knitting and weaving techniques blended with ancient tribal symbols made of 925, sterling silver. Each piece is painstakingly hand-crafted and Mizze only uses environmentally sound all-natural materials.
See you on the trail.

Can mega earthquakes be predicted?

The massive 7.9 magnitude earthquake that struck central China on Monday, May 12, is just another example for just how unstable our plant earth really is. The final death toll in this earthquake, whose epicenter was in Sichuan Province, has already left more than 12,000 dead, with thousands more still unaccounted for. Horror stories such as entire student bodies being buried instantaneously gives an indication that people still do not have any adequate warning systems to alert them of such a disaster (in this case, the quake occurred in broad daylight at 2:30 p.m. local time).

China has had severe earthquakes in the past, with one of the most severe occurring in the northern city of Tangshan in August 1976. In this quake, more than a quarter million died; even more than the South Asia tsunami tidal waves of 2004, which were also caused by a massive earthquake measuring 9.1 on the Richter scale.

San Andreas Fault in CAEarthquakes have occurred often throughout recoded history, and some kind of adequate warning systems are yet to be developed to give people at least a few moments to exit homes or public buildings in time. Many earthquakes occur at night making the results even more calamitous. The earthquake that occurred a few years ago in Turkey occurred in the early morning hours and resulted in more than 40,000 deaths. Geophysicists and other scientists who study earthquakes often go to the source of the quake itself to try to determine just what actually caused it. One thing that has been found in regards to what causes a major quake to happen is when a number of relatively minor disturbances occur in a particular area, and are followed by a period of calm. Since earthquakes are caused by a shifting of the plates in the earth’s crust, it may be correct that a number of minor earthquakes of around 2-3 magnitude cause a weakness in the earth’s crust that can result in a much more powerful quake occurring later on. Some minor earthquakes are so quiet that they are not even heard of felt and are only picked up on sensitive recording devices like a Richter scale.

A good example of a “spike” in these ‘mini quakes’ occurred recently in the Pacific Ocean off the American West Coast of Oregon. These occurrences may be well worth studying, since major earthquakes have occurred several times in California, which is situated on a major earthquake fault line, the San Andreas Fault.

There are a number other natural signs which may predict a major earthquake, such as birds being very agitated and are seen flying in circles, refusing to land. Animals such as dogs are also said to be able to sense an upcoming earthquake and they react by making whimpering sounds and moving in a circular fashion. While these warning signs may be helpful, they have still not been proven as reliable and don’t help much at all if the quake occurs at night. A number of major earthquakes are predicted to occur in several locations on the earth in the future; and as such, being able to predict them more accurately could save thousands of lives, as well as untold amounts of property.

Photo by University of Nevada, Las Vegas

M.R.S.A. Infections and Tattoos

As the practice of tattoos and similar body art becomes more and more fashionable, so does the risk of contracting skin diseases, including a serious one called Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus which often results after having a tattoo applied under unsanitary conditions. Called M.R.S.A. for short, this bacteria induced skin disease is very serious because it has been found to be resistant to known antibiotics including Methicillin, Penicillin, Amoxicillin and Cephalosporins (for those who are allergic to penicillin based antibiotics).

Though not normally life threatening, M.R.S.A. is very difficult to treat once it infects the skin and begins to form painful and ugly abscesses on the skin, often following a tattoo. A serious cause can result in complications which can cause the bacteria to enter the blood stream and eventually cause severe damage to internal organs, as well as lung diseases such as Pnueumonia. The condition can be prevented though with sanitary precautions being made before and during a tattoo session, as well as afterwards, once a person is home. A tattoo piercing causes open wounds on the skin, which take several days to heal. Following a tattoo, care must be made to cleanse the tattoo and surrounding skin areas with a skin disinfectant like the ones surgeons used prior to performing an operation. If not available, a good quality soap and alcohol based disinfectant should be used until the wound caused by the tattoo is completely healed.

Other skin infections that are possible from a tattoo include Follicolitus, an infection in the hair follicles, and impetigo, a very contagious skin infection which causes boils and abscesses similar to those caused by M.R.S.A. infections.

Recently in the 1990’s, a different type of staphylococcus infection called CA-M.R.S.A. or Community Associated M.R.S.A. infection has begun to appear which is highly contagious as well as being resistant to most antibiotics. These infections are found to be more numerous due to the popularity of tattoos and due to more and more people developing weakened immune systems as a result of virus such as HIV/AIDS. Older people as well, whose immune systems are weaker, may also be at risk of catching an M.R.S.A. caused infection.

Many people are “carriers” of M.R.S.A. bacteria and other similar infections even they themselves my not have any actual sores or other symptoms. The carrier, when having a tattoo done can then transmit the bacteria to others, including the tattoo artist, if proper sanitary precautions are not made.

So besides being a “marriage for life” a permanent, needle induced body tattoo may also give persons something more than what they previously bargained for.

Kids Love Yoga Too

Kids Love Yoga TooIn today’s modern society, children are often under a lot of stress, both in school and afterwards. Whether it’s due to problems with homework, peer pressure (much of it financial or fashion oriented) or just ordinary everyday stress, many children are discovering an excellent way to cope with life’s problems. And that “discovery” is yoga. Since yoga exercises can often been done in a limited space like in a living room or den, a bedroom, or similar area, practicing yoga for even half an hour per day can help kids relieve a lot of stress, and help develop their bodies at the same time.

Yoga has also been proven to be successful with children who are hyperactive and have learning disabilities as a result of not being able to concentrate on their homework or in the classroom. Yoga exercises involving deep breathing and meditation can help calm them down and improve their concentration. By having children concentrate on a pleasant experience during the exercise, such as walking through a beautiful garden or meadow, the end result can be very calming and will enable them to relax as well as sleep better at night. The calming effect is also very beneficial against certain phobias such as bed wetting and fear of the dark.

In addition to relaxation, Yoga also helps kids with both their posture and the development of muscular motor skills. The exercises can either be taught on an individual or group basis. As children’s limbs are more flexible than those of adults, a number of yoga poses can be taught, and children usually catch on very easily. Yoga can also be taught together with other subjects that kids are interested in, such as care for animals. Since yoga classes are usually conducted with children sitting in a circle, instead of in a row, there is more interaction among them, and kids usually look forward to attending these classes.

All in all, children learn wonderful developmental skills that are useful throughout their entire lives. By enabling them to cope better with physical and mental stress, kids will be more successful in high school and college, as well as during their adult lives. And in addition to developing their physical and mental skills, practicing yoga will help children develop more respect for themselves and others in the world they live in.

Our Daily Poisons and the Earth Friendly Option

Organic FoodsThey’re around you every day; and in fact you and your family use and consume products that in the long run can be just as deadly as weapons that kill and maim people in the millions. We are not referring to guns, knives, and poisons such as arsenic, cyanide or other kinds of poisons used to eradicate rodents and other kinds of pests. The products referred to here range from detergents and cleaning compounds to deodorants and cosmetics to even seemingly harmless food and beverage items.

Every time people wash their clothing in their washing machine, or their dishes in their dishwasher, they are using chemical compounds which, if used in large enough amounts can cause not only burning and severe skin irritation, but eventual cancers like melanoma. Even though some detergents may claim to be “non-toxic” or “environmentally safe” they still contain such ingredients as sodium or calcium hypocrite, or sodium tri-polyphosphate, which can become very dangerous chemical compounds if used excessively.

Cosmetic items such as lipstick, hand cream, deodorants and anti-perspirants, all contain such chemicals as aluminum chlorhydrate, propylene glycol, or BHA and coal tar dyes (both lipstick preservatives and color enhancers that are said to contain carcinogens or cancer causing compounds). Even that liquid ’soap less soap’ that most people keep in their bathrooms is so full of chemical compounds (ammonium chloride, sodium laurel sulfate, plus a number of color-dyes, fragrances, etc.) that it may be better to use old fashioned home-made hand soap, even if it contains lye and other caustic compounds.

You don’t have to go through the list of cleaning compounds or cosmetic items to find these poisons; but many food products have similar chemical compounds as well. Even that soft tub of margarine has what is called ‘trans-fat’ and is extremely bad for your heart if consumed in large quantities (many nutrition advisors claim it’s better to use pure butter than these so called “safe” cooking and spreading products.

Yes there are alternatives; and by acquiring knowledge of safer, environmental ‘earth-friendly’ products, you can protect yourselves and your families from the long term effects of these ‘lethal weapons’.

Find out more about Organic Foods, Organic Teas, and Organic Herbal Supplements.