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Eating too quickly can Increase Risk of Diabetes

Eating too quickly can Increase Risk of Diabetes

In a day and age when most people are strapped for time, they tend to do everything with a sense of hurry. More people are beginning to eat while on the go. This means eating quickly [...]

Food Industry to Change Fast With New Health America

One aspect of the health care bill taking immediate effect is that chain restaurants will now be required to display nutrition information. What we are witnessing could well make a seismic shift in the changing of [...]

Drinks Not Food May Cause Weight Gain Faster

People trying to prevent weight gain may be surprised to discover that what they drink may be a bigger factor in weight gain than food. Researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health found [...]

Organic Antidepressants

Depression and anxiety are two of the most common mental disabilities afflicting mankind. The current scientific position tells us that the most likely cause of these conditions is a combination of both a genetic predisposition along [...]

Ambrosia Essence and other Organic Skin Care Options

Some days I wonder if I am all alone in my quest for a cleaner planet. Then I find a kindred spirit or read an article and know that the collective consciousness is moving in the [...]

Miraculin – The Secret Natural Sweetener

Synsepalum Dolcificum, Miracle Fruit, Magic Berry, Flavor Berry — all these names refer to the same olive-sized fruit, indigenous to West Africa. This tiny fruit contains a unique chemical substance, known as Miraculin, which interacts with [...]

Beyond RDA

We are all familiar with the RDA column on the side of our food packages. RDA means “Recommended Daily Allowance” and it is the daily amount of each nutritional element that the FDA recommends us to [...]

Mercury linked to increase in Autism

Mercury – that silvery liquid metal that is still found in many thermometers and heating thermostats, is now being linked to increases of autism in infants and children. Autism is a condition that is found in [...]

Somebody Stop that Cow!

As if auto and industrial emissions aren’t enough to pollute our air, it is now being found that cattle also makes its “contributions” to causing environmental pollution. In fact, one European country, Lithuania, has now passed [...]

Pomegranates are truly the “fruit of the gods”

“Your shoots are an orchard of Pomegranates, with choice fruits, Henna and Nard plants” : Song of Solomon: 4:13 The pomegranate, that ancient biblical fruit often seen on ancient mosaics, is truly a fruit to add [...]