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Village of Erie, Illinois Residents Going Green

Many people assume that going green is an expensive choice. The residents of the Village of Erie, Illinois have proven all these skeptics wrong. The residents of the Village of Erie, Illinois will be given the [...]

Green is NOT the new Red White and Blue

Green is NOT the new red, white and blue, not on the stars and stripes, anyway. In late May, the Green Investment Bank was announced as the first ever public bank in the United Kingdom. With [...]

U.S. Gets a B For The Development of Green Technology

According to the Bloomberg news report, John Doerr, a billionaire venture capitalist at world’s leading venture capital firm, has awarded a “C” grade for United States for alternative energy development. Doerr said United States should practice [...]

Wind Turbines Present Health Concerns

A group of residents living close to wind farms in Canada have joined forces to form an anti-wind power movement. According to CNN, the group is concerned with complaints that turbines may cause health problems. Wind [...]

Heavy Metal: More Business For China

“Seventeen metals on the periodic table of elements are the commotion from Tokyo to Washington, D.C.” Writes Catherine Ngai of National Geographic. Rare-earth metals or REMs are composed of element number 21, scandium; number 39, yttrium; [...]

Green Groweth the Holly

Green Groweth the Holly

As 2010 is drawing to a close, one lesson I learned about achieving green dreams is the merit of ingenuity as opposed to trying to make the ancient family car start by repeatedly kicking it. How [...]

A Green Machine

August was a brow-lifting month for American green energy enthusiasts and so will be October. So will be every month until we see some actual change! The congressional Democrat resolution to not even bring to the [...]

Raising Gas Taxes Will Speed-Up Electric Cars

In Thomas L. Friedman’s latest New York Times column he proposed that the United States of America is way behind China, laying out the infrastructure for a green globe future. Recalling the plans Shai Agassi has [...]

Body Heat in Sweden

Picture this: It’s 7:30 a.m. on a cold winter morning in downtown Stockholm and a sea of Swedish nationals are flooding Central Station to catch a train to work. Thanks to the busy shops and restaurants [...]

Calera to Produce Carbon Absorbing Cement

A Silicon Valley start-up says that it has found a way to capture the carbon dioxide emissions from coal and gas power plants and absorb them in cement. Cement production is one of the largest sources [...]