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The Problem with Camels

Recently, the Australian government proposed that killing camels should be an officially recognized means of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The country down under has the world’s largest wild camel population; an estimated 1.2 million – and [...]

Kyoto Protocol Successor

Talks by the United Nations have run out of time to meet the December 2012 deadline to set the binding successor to the Kyoto Protocol on curbing greenhouse gas emissions. After more than three years of [...]

Greenhouse Gas and the Courts

Despite the seethe of fringe scientists and conservative politicians, it remains a fact that greenhouse gases produced by mankind are among the main contributors to global warming. The week before last, the Supreme Court considered one [...]

Cowabunga: Is Pasturing Cattle Eco-Friendly as well as Cattle-Friendly

Some people, despite being meat eaters, insist that the animals, before slaughter, were treated humanely. My mother, who will eat a juicy hamburger, yet not veal, is one of these people. In harmony with an age [...]

The Strange Discovery of Dr. Keeling

Scientists have long been hip to the fact that carbon dioxide traps heat at the surface of the planet. The unstoppable rise of the gas alters the climate in ways which threaten human welfare. This is [...]

I Thought We Had a Promise: Tough Days Ahead for the EPA

“Cap-and-trade was just one way of skinning the cat; it was not the only way.” Said the American president at a news conference Wednesday – the day after Democrats lost control of the House. “I’m going [...]

And Now, Just To Play It Safe

Of all the summer news splashes the weather has managed to dominate the major headlines lately: Floods on the East Coast and down south in the United States, not to mention Deadly Deluges inundating parts of [...]

Slow To Fall in Line: Oil Sand Extraction In Canada

One environmentally destructive practice, onto which a light has been shed due to the BP oil spill in the gulf is Oil Sands Development in Alberta, Canada. Oil Sands Extraction, according to a 2008 report, leaks [...]

The Dangers of Tomb Sweeping in Taiwan

On Friday Taiwan’s government urged their public to stop burning incense sticks and ritual money to honor the dead and instead to opt for online worshipping as it fares better with Mother Earth. The announcement by [...]

Tribute to a Green Pioneer

Since taking the job as UC San Diego’s first director of strategic energy initiatives in September 2008, Byron Washom has worked to turn the 1,200-acre campus into a model of sustainability, a “living laboratory” he calls [...]