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Hey! I needed that!

Hey! I needed that!

To go to trial this week is the dispute between a Kentucky man and a surgeon over the necessity of amputating the patient’s penis during a surgical operation in 2008 will go to trial this week. [...]

Foreign Accent Syndrome? That’s right, Foreign Accent Syndrome!

Karen Butler is from Newport, Oregon but she speaks with an Irish accent. Though, she did not acquire it from spending time across the Atlantic. She picked it up at the dentist’s office. Butler explained recently [...]

Success and Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Here’s a something about neuro-linguistic programming that I’ll bet you didn’t know. Your neurological system regulates how your body functions. Language determines how you communicate and interface with others and your programming determines the kinds of [...]

The Latest on Humacyte

The artificial vessels made by Humacyte do not totally mimic nature, that is to say, they are missing an important ingredient of natural vessels. That is, the protein elastin. Bioengineers at the University of Pittsburgh coaxed [...]

David Geary’s Shrinking Brain

New research shows that over the past 30,000 years, human brains have shrunk. This is not a sign, however, humans are growing dumber but that evolution is causing the key motor to be leaner and more [...]

What’s The Deal With Coffee?

This piece is loosely based on information, originally brought to public attention in 1997 via Stephen R. Braun’s 224-page book: Buzz: The Science and Lore of Alcohol and Caffeine. First of all, know this: the human [...]

Vitamin B-12 Deficiencies in Pregnant Women Linked to Birth Defects

Pregnant women with vitamin B-12 deficiencies are more prone to have babies with birth defects, a recent study found. The findings concluded that women who do not consume enough foods containing adequate amounts of this vitamin, [...]

What Makes Human Unique

The List Universe came out today with a neat list of 10 evolutionary modifications that have made humans… well, human. I find this list fascinating, and I wonder how many of these traits we might share [...]

Human Muscles: the “workaholics” of the body

While the human body is considered as a wonder of Devine Creation, human muscles are responsible for our body’s total movements and functions. Derived from the Latin term musculus, muscles are groups to cell tissue known [...]