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Mazda Premacy, a Hydrogen Hyrbid

The Mazda Premacy Hydrogen RE Hybrid. It is touted as the most advanced minivan ever created. You can put either gasoline it, or hydrogen, doesn’t matter which. (Different tanks. Can’t mix gasoline and hydrogen in the [...]

Fisker Karma, Next in Naturalbuy Eco Cars

Never heard of a Fisker Karma before? That’s because it’s a new startup company, and their cars haven’t hit the road yet. It is a luxury sedan, with a price tag close to $90,000. Doable by [...]

Electric, Hybrid, AND Diesel? BMW Technological Orgy

We know, we know, electric cars use too much rare earth metals. We just wrote about it below. But that’s not going to stop us from covering the next ultra cool electric triple hybrid diesel plugin [...]

Electric Cars & Hybrids Put Crunch on Rare Metals

Every time we come up with a solution to some environmental problem, we end up causing another one. The batteries that run both hybrids and electric cars? They contain rare elements known as heavy earths, and [...]

Nissan Turns a New Leaf

Looks like the world is waking up from it’s gasoline gorging party. Slowly, but surely. The latest step happened just today, with Nissan’s unveiling of its 2010 Leaf. (Get the title now?) It’s a cute little [...]

Water Powered Cars Not Just H2O

As unbelievable as this may sound, cars running on water are just about to be become reality – that’s on condition that the major oil companies and car manufacturer don’t try to “kill” the idea first. [...]

Bottled Gas A Cheaper & Cleaner Fuel Option

It’s much less expensive than regular refined gasoline, and they won’t let your car into a below ground shopping mall parking lot if you have this installation, but at least half a million cars and trucks [...]

GM’s Electric Car Chevy Volt – Video Test Drive

This is an interesting video of the Chevy Volt, GM’s electric and gas assisted vehicle proving once again that the people that ran GM should not be allowed near any business. This vehicle can travel for [...]

Zero X electric motorcycles: a clean air transportation solution

It looks like an ordinary street or dirt bike, and TV personality Jay Leno owns one. But compared to a gasoline driven one it’s a very different set of wheels. The Zero X totally electric motorbike [...]

New Honda Insight may give Toyota Prius serious competition

Ever since Honda introduced its Civic model hybrid car, it never seemed to get the attention of Toyota’s Prius, which was always rated first in both design and economy, over the Hondas model which used the [...]