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Indian Elephants Electrocuted

Indian Elephants Electrocuted

Three elephants were tragically electrocuted at a wildlife sanctuary in northern India, after they uprooted a utility pole and became entangled in its wires. The wild elephant population of India is estimated at about 26,000. The [...]

Victory for Those Opposed to Capital Punishment

A pharmaceutical company in India recently announced it would no longer supply a crucial drug to death-penalty states in America. The decision was an important victory for opponents of the death penalty in the U.S., who [...]

NDM-1 the SuperBug

A new report showed that a gene which causes bacteria to become impervious to antibiotics has been found in the water supply in New Delhi. The implications for the rest of the world are huge and [...]

The Maharishi Says

Ayurveda is “the complete knowledge for long life.” Ayurvedic medicine is a system of traditional India medicine which has found a vogue in other parts of the world concerned with alternative medicine. In Sanskrit, the word [...]

India to Build New Powerplant with Assistance from France

Last Sunday, the proposed 9,900-megawatt Jaitapur nuclear power plant in India received the go-ahead from the country’s Environment Ministry, provided that the project adheres to 35 conditions and safeguards. Initial planning was stalled by environmental controversy [...]

Rising-Sea Levels Wants All of the Land It Can Swallow

When age-old border disputes become resolved, peacefully, there is cause for celebration. At the very least, you can count on some sense of relief. But the end of the wrangle between India and Bangladesh over a [...]

Copenhagen Cop-Out

UPDATE The EU environment spokesman Andreas Carlgren says informal talks at Copenhagen resolved the impasse. The European Union says poor countries have stopped their boycott of climate change negotiations at Copenhagen and have found a solution [...]

An Indian Story of Water Renewal

His name is Rajendra Singh, and he is the River Maker of Rajasthan. This is a district in India, one of the largest and one of the driest, getting only 1 percent of India’s water resources. [...]

Try all 18 flavours

Organic India is offering 18 different blends of organic Tulsi Tea. 18 different flavours to try and savor! They have Sweet Rose Tulsi Tea, and Lemon Ginger Tulsi Tea. They have Chai Masala Tulsi Tea, and [...]

Memories and Technology

Brain scans are used in India to confirm whether suspects have memories of the crime they have allegedly committed. [...]