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A Guide for the Hung-Over

Yes, New Years Eve came and went, leaving for some a resolution and others a hangover. It is not too late, however, to shed some light on the cure of the latter. Curing a hangover is [...]

Surprising New Cancer Survey

According to a shocking new study, the cost of treating cancer in the United States almost doubled over the past two decades. However the cost of cancer drugs is not necessarily the cause. While the price [...]

Eco-Friendly Recovery from the Flu and Common Cold

Sneezing green may be a duality – one interpretation comes with ease, the other, very much not so. When your head is pounding and you’ve been hacking up a lung all night, the last thought on [...]

PreCrea All Natural Blood Sugar Levels Reduction

Located in our pancreas are cell clusters called the Islets of Langerhans. About 60% of these cells, called Beta Cells, are designed to transform sugar into glycogen, which is basically a chain of sugars that your [...]

Cheap Drugs vs. Newer Drugs

Cheap drugs vs. Newer and better drugs — this seems to be the equation world governments are facing. If drug companies are to invest huge sums of money (over many years) in researching and developing new [...]

Abdominal Brain – Introduction

Get acquainted: The digestive system is endowed with its own, local nervous system referred to as the enteric or intrinsic nervous system. The magnitude and complexity of the enteric nervous system is immense – it contains [...]

Miraculin – The Secret Natural Sweetener

Synsepalum Dolcificum, Miracle Fruit, Magic Berry, Flavor Berry — all these names refer to the same olive-sized fruit, indigenous to West Africa. This tiny fruit contains a unique chemical substance, known as Miraculin, which interacts with [...]

Seaweed for good health and nutrition

With world population figures now passing 6.5 billion, future sources of human nutrition will most likely come from what covers at least 70% of the world’s surface – the sea. Many countries, especially those with large [...]

Overdosing on vitamins and food supplements

Literally millions of people in North America, the U.K. and other western countries are taking daily vitamin and mineral supplements, as well as nutritional supplements containing vitamins. This phenomenon is not new, and many large companies [...]

Good news for beer drinkers

For those of you who only thought that drinking red wine is good for one’s health, and not beer, think again. Beer is now being found to be not only as good as red wine for [...]