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Ccs to the Rescue: Innovation By and For the Dreamers

Dreamers imagine this: a form of electricity which emits to the atmosphere ZERO carbon dioxide emissions, while being affordable. Dreamers imagining, you are engaging the vision proposed by MIT researcher Dr. Thomas Adams and Lammot du [...]

Down Economy Raises Back to Nature Movement

The down economy seems to be pushing us to a simpler and back to basics state of mind, which may turn out to be a good (dare I say it – great) thing. As more people [...]

Cool Down

Gartner Group estimates that 40 percent of all carbon dioxide emissions resulting from information technology and telecommunications are attributable to PCs. In other words, the electricity your computer consumes is attributing to global warming. Turn it [...]

Slugging = Regulated Group Hitchhiking

Here’s the unofficial explanation from : Slugging is a term used to describe a unique form of commuting found in the Washington, DC area sometimes referred to as “Instant Carpooling” or “Casual Carpooling”. It’s unique [...]

Mars is breathable

I already reported this week that the NASA Phoenix vehicle discovered water on Mars. But now it appears that the robotic lander has also confirmed the presence of a chemical known as Perchlorates. From Wikipedia: Perchlorates [...]

This Ain’t No Dark Knight

The same folks who had won the Ansari X Prize for being the first private team to fly a vehicle to outer space and back — twice in two weeks — are now working hard on [...]

NASA: Water on Mars

NASA’s Martian vehicle Phoenix confirmed the existence of water on Mars while testing soil samples in the past week. How wonderful! Photo taken from Origins of Life [...]

Environmental Rhymes

Way back in the days when the grass was still green and the pond was still wet and the clouds were still clean, and the song of the Swomee-Swans rang out in space… one morning, I [...]

Cool Your Mobile

Current research says that more dangerous than the radiation your mobile device is emitting, the real danger results from the attachment of a hot device onto our heads — a habit that can damage our brains. [...]

Brainswitching to Fight Depression

Depression is a terrible illness. It affects most of us at one point or another in life. But not many people know that several “thinking exercises” may be just as powerful as Prozac and other antidepressants. [...]