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Moon Eclipse To Last Longer Than Usual

This year’s first total eclipse of the moon will last an unusually long time. That is, unless you live in Canada or the United States. North America will not be privy to Wednesday’s lunar spectacle. The [...]

Re-Introducing Animals to Their Natural Home: Friendly Gesture or Playing God?

What happens to animals which have been removed from their natural habitat because of their status as endangered species? Well, according to “Limited attempts at predator reintroduction in the United States have for the most [...]

Gray Whale Moved to Israel

Researchers were stunned last week when a gray whale was sighted in Israel. It is believed to be the first such sighting outside the Pacific Ocean in 300 years! Typically, gray whales are only found in [...]

Make the Desert Bloom with Rhubarb

Ever see a lush, green, tropical-looking plant hanging out in the middle of the desert before? If you happen to live in a desert, say Arizona or somewhere, get some desert rhubarb – rheum palaestinum to [...]

Two Legged Dog – Nature Compensating for Birth Defect

It’s amazing that this dog is able to walk around and move with two legs. She’s very lucky to be born under these conditions to someone who loves her and takes care of her. When you [...]

Nature in Slow Motion

Nature is more amazing than the most advanced machines humans ever made. This next video shows a slow-motion lightning striking the earth at night. Even though it seems as if lightning is a bolt of energy [...]

Nature Bites

Ouch! What a terrific shirt! [...]

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The Lion Sleeps Tonight – Part B

Last week I described how the patterns of our brain waves control different states of consciousness. By altering these patters, we can induce many mental and emotional states, such as sleep, anxiety, calmness, and concentration. Several [...]

Recycled Furniture

Artists for Humanity is a unique center in Boston which hires teen artists to produce Eco-friendly art and furniture. These young people undergo an apprenticeship program in the summer or an after school program during the [...]