Green Resolutions for 2012

It’s a new year, which means that it’s time to make some resolutions. Everybody makes resolutions for the new year, but how about some resolutions that aren’t focused on us? 2012 should be the year that you start making resolutions to be greener for the planet. Here are a few suggestions to help you be much greener in the new year.

Red Meat

The red meat industry is one of the biggest industries for creating greenhouse gases, waste and pollution. Start 2012 off by reducing your consumption of red meat. The meat industry is known to pump their meat with preservatives so not only will you be helping the planet, you will be helping your body.


Most of the time you will need a car to run errands around town. However, if you’re just going to the post office or you need something from the local supermarket, consider riding your bike. Taking an hour to ride your bike instead of a couple of minutes by car is not always an option, but when it is you should consider cutting down on your carbon footprint while enjoying the day with a bike ride. This will also cut down on the wear and tear on your car.

Buy In Bulk And Use Less

This is a great resolution to cut the costs of household items while cutting down on the gas used to ship items around the country. When you buy in bulk you spend less money on items that you’re going to need anyway. Using less reduces the frequency in which you need to buy the items and reduces waste. Consider getting a membership at a warehouse dealer like BJ’s or Sam’s Club.

Buy Ebooks- Go Paperless

Ebooks are a great way to reduce the amount of trees that are cut down every year for paperbacks. Ebooks are also cheaper and some are offered for free in PDF form. Consider buying an iPad or an Amazon Kindle to help save trees and reduce the cost of buying books from a bookstore. Although the initial investment in a reader can be high, the savings over time will be much more.

Have A Paperless Holiday Season

The holidays are notorious for wasting paper. Wrapping paper for gifts have a way of finding themselves in dumpsters and trash cans across the world toward the end of the year. If you’re looking for a great way to cut down on your carbon footprint and save a little money in the process, you can use wrapping paper alternatives. These are commonly found around your home and can even give your holiday some uniqueness. Here are some wrapping paper alternatives to get you started.


Fabric wrapping paper is a very unique way to wrap your gifts. It’s very easy to use this. Lay a piece of fabric flat and then set your gift in the middle. Pull all of the sides of the fabric up so that the ends meet each other. Tie a ribbon around the ends so the gift if concealed.

Comic Strips

The newspaper is another alternative to wrapping paper, but you don’t want a horrible news story as the centerpiece for the gift you’re giving your mother. Comic strips are harmless and colorful. Wrap your gifts in the comic strips and then put a bow on top of it. This adds a little more of the holiday to the gift without taking away from its uniqueness.


Almost everybody has leftover wallpaper in his or her basement or attic. Scour your home for any leftover wallpaper from when you redid your kitchen or bathroom. Set the gift in the middle and wrap it with the patterned side of the wallpaper on the outside. The patterns on wallpaper are very similar to regular wrapping paper so your gift will not stand out under the tree.


Many people simply chuck their old calendars. If you have last year’s calendar laying around the house, take a pair of scissors to it and cut out the different pages. When calendars come apart the pages might not be able to handle bigger gifts so keep this in mind. Calendars are great for smaller gifts.

Old Maps

Old maps work well because they are usually pretty big. If you have old maps lying around your house and you know that you’re not going to use them again, wrap your gifts with the outlines of your surrounding area. This makes for a unique look and is very green.