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Love is in the air

Indulge yourself with the Hemp Love Seat. The Love Seat is tightly upholstered with sturdy 17oz. Hemp fabric and accent welting giving the Love Seat an incredible surface of interesting variations of natural hemp color and [...]

Be a Vegetarian Just One Day a Week

Life ain’t a black-n-white motion picture. There are countless shades of gray. Vegetarianism is extremely Eco-friendly. However, eliminating our meat and fish consumption can be very difficult. But even if we deny ourselves of these items [...]

Recycled Furniture

Artists for Humanity is a unique center in Boston which hires teen artists to produce Eco-friendly art and furniture. These young people undergo an apprenticeship program in the summer or an after school program during the [...]

Hemp Shampoo

For many years we’ve been accustomed to use soaps and shampoos that contain chemicals that damage our skin and damage the environment. These chemicals can be so dangerous sometimes, that most manufactures have to test their [...]

Ambrosia Essence and other Organic Skin Care Options

Some days I wonder if I am all alone in my quest for a cleaner planet. Then I find a kindred spirit or read an article and know that the collective consciousness is moving in the [...]

Mercury linked to increase in Autism

Mercury – that silvery liquid metal that is still found in many thermometers and heating thermostats, is now being linked to increases of autism in infants and children. Autism is a condition that is found in [...]

Seaweed for good health and nutrition

With world population figures now passing 6.5 billion, future sources of human nutrition will most likely come from what covers at least 70% of the world’s surface – the sea. Many countries, especially those with large [...]

Indian herbs may replace chemical food preservatives

Indian herbs, including Amaranthus paniculatus (cultiv.), Coccinia indica, and Coriandrum sativum (coriander) may soon be replacing chemical preservatives in many foods. The herbs have high quantities of antioxidants which are known to retard spoilage and “aging” [...]

Astaxanthin – a new miracle nutrient, or “miracle hype”?

Recent communicated articles and press releases concerning a newly discovered phytonutrient, derived from a species of micro-algae has been showing up on various media and internet networks that deal in health and nutrition products. The nutrient, [...]

Plastic Debris

I’ve recently read that a large amount of plastic debris has been piling up in the Pacific Ocean. We have literally turned the central Pacific Ocean into a sewer. This plastic swamp is located in one [...]