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Natural Beauty Used for Renewable Energy

Natural Beauty Used for Renewable Energy

Billions are being invested on the French island of Corsica for a renewable energy experiment. – CNN [...]

Renewable Energy Deals Hit Record High in 2011

Renewable Energy Deals Hit Record High in 2011

There’s no question that our current energy sources aren’t sustainable. The scientists have sounded the alarm years ago now, and politicians along with businesses are slowly starting to catch up. Still, the transition to renewable energy [...]

Apple into Renewable Energy

Apple into Renewable Energy

According to reports, Apple is increasing their investment in renewable energy. Recently, Apple was issued the necessary permits to prepare a site for a large solar farm on a 171 acre plot of vacant land near [...]

Hawaii Renewable

After a disappointing commencement for a program permitting people to sell renewable energy to Hawaii’s power grid, it is now being revamped in an attempt to entice more interest and lessen the state’s dependence on imported [...]

Billions Secured For Energy Sector

One multibillion dollar fund for renewable energy and a review of fuel taxes will prove to be crux concessions for green lobbyists from the government in exchange for agreeing to spare petrol from price of carbon. [...]

Race to Bio-Diesel

For almost every type of vehicle, stock cars to Formula One to tractors, the racing season has arrived across the globe, and a special kind of renewable diesel and biodiesel could be the key to winning. [...]

Tribute to a Green Pioneer

Since taking the job as UC San Diego’s first director of strategic energy initiatives in September 2008, Byron Washom has worked to turn the 1,200-acre campus into a model of sustainability, a “living laboratory” he calls [...]

Fungus Has a Libido, Force it to Horizontal Mombo for Renewable Biofuels

There’s a problem with biofuels. The problem is, in order to make them, you’ve got to grow crops like mad, break down the crops into oil and alcohol, and stick the juice in your car. If [...]

Obama’s Ambitious Energy and Environment Plans

U.S. President Barack Obama may still be trying to sort out the American economy, but he hasn’t gone back on his promise to use his executive powers and influence to develop renewable energy programs as well [...]

Walmart and Microsoft Cleantech Planning

Walmart, America’s largest discount retailer, and Microsoft Corporation, plan to integrate clean tech technologies into their operations to cut down on pollution and wastes, as well as conserve energy. At a recent meeting investors, government officials [...]