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New Discovery in the Journal of Applied Physics

New Discovery in the Journal of Applied Physics

Researchers at the University of Michigan have made a discovery that presents a breakthrough in solar power generation. Stephen Rand, is a professor at the University of Michigan and author of the report that discusses his [...]

Wasp Game Ant Game

Scientists in New Zealand did an experiment with wild insects that studied the common wasp, an alien invader to the island country, competing for food with the native ant species Prolasius advenus. When the wasp approached [...]

Organ Regeneration

Today, upwards of 100,000 people are waiting for organ transplants in America alone; every day 18 of them die. Not only are healthy organs in short supply, however, donor and patient must be matched closely, or [...]

Theories about Planets in Orbit

The total number of confirmed planets orbiting stars now more than 500. However, many of the newly discovered star systems defy existing models of how planets form. As popular theory holds, planets are made from disks [...]

Old World and New World Monkeys

Feel insecure? You’re not alone. Monkeys too are inflected with uncertainty and self-doubt. Professor Michael Beran and John David Smith trained macaques, the Old World group (native to Asia, Africa, and Europe), to play a computer [...]

The Latest on Humacyte

The artificial vessels made by Humacyte do not totally mimic nature, that is to say, they are missing an important ingredient of natural vessels. That is, the protein elastin. Bioengineers at the University of Pittsburgh coaxed [...]

Smoking Marijuana Linked to Early Onset Psychosis

Recent studies have linked the use of marijuana with the onset of psychosis. The meta-analysis found that those who smoked marijuana developed psychotic disorders an average 2.7 years earlier than those who did not use the [...]

David Geary’s Shrinking Brain

New research shows that over the past 30,000 years, human brains have shrunk. This is not a sign, however, humans are growing dumber but that evolution is causing the key motor to be leaner and more [...]

The Benefits of Breast-Feeding

According to a study published Monday in the journal, Pediatrics, breast-feeding infants for at least six months after birth, gives them an academic advantage which is manifested later on in life. This research is not the [...]

Jeans and Solar Cells

Jeans and Solar Cells

Brilliant Cornell University Researchers say that they have found a solution to creating yet more proficient solar cells. Well, as it turns out, particular molecules found in blue jeans and some other ink dyes may be [...]