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Supermoon Weekend is On

Supermoon Weekend is On

Skywatcher Tim McCord of Entiat, Washington caught this amazing view of the March 19, 2011 full moon – called a supermoon because the moon was at perigee, the closest point to Earth in its orbit – [...]

Meteor Shower Packed Earth With Gold

Meteor Shower Packed Earth With Gold

According to a new study published in the Nature Journal by researchers at the University of Bristol, roughly 3.9 billion years ago a gigantic meteor shower of glittering gold and platinum fell on earth. The ancient [...]

Telescope Array Refunded

An assortment of 42 radio telescopes seeking signs of intelligent life in the universe has received enough funding by private donors to keep the effort going. The array was a joint project between the SETI Institute [...]

Asteroid Time!

According to NASA a newly discovered asteroid will experience a close encounter with Earth this coming Monday; but worry not – it will not spell disaster. NASA’s Near-Earth Object Program Office contends that the small space [...]

Moon Eclipse To Last Longer Than Usual

This year’s first total eclipse of the moon will last an unusually long time. That is, unless you live in Canada or the United States. North America will not be privy to Wednesday’s lunar spectacle. The [...]

Spirit AWOL

The chances of ever again hearing from the stuck Mars rover, Spirit, is becoming more and more slim now that it has officially failed to respond to calls from Earth, repeatedly. However, NASA will make one [...]

Theories about Planets in Orbit

The total number of confirmed planets orbiting stars now more than 500. However, many of the newly discovered star systems defy existing models of how planets form. As popular theory holds, planets are made from disks [...]

Swimming on Pluto? Maybe Someday; Maybe Somebody Today.

New evidence shows Pluto may have an ocean under its many mile-thick shell of ice. In light of its frigid temperature, the non-planet appears to be warm enough, at least to “easily” have a subsurface ocean. [...]

The Most Senior Citizen In The Universe

The new ultra-powerful Hubble Space Telescope found yesterday a galaxy whose light traveled more than 13 billion light-years to get to earth, making it the oldest astronomical object ever discovered. A title previously held by a [...]

Hawking’s Religious Skepticism

This time of year as Jewish people are celebrating a New Year and also the anniversary of the Creation of the Universe, British theoretical physicist and cosmologist, professor at the University of Cambridge, science legend, sufferer [...]