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Lotte Time Lapse from birth to 12 years old – Video Project by Frans Hofmeester

Lotte Time Lapse from birth to 12 years old – Video Project by Frans Hofmeester

An amazing project showing weekly clips shot of a beautiful girl from birth to the age of 12 by Frans Hofmeester… [...]

Spices as Pesticides? Seems Healthy, Tastes Good, Too

The demand for organically grown food is growing, and with it, the demand for natural pesticides. It’s been found that rosemary, thyme, clove, and mint aren’t only good in your spaghetti and tea. They also shoo [...]

Forever Young? 16 Year Old is a Toddler

This may make you think twice about whether you want to be forever young. Brook Greenberg is 16 years old, but she’s basically a baby. Her aging gene is essentially turned off. Either that, or she [...]

Eliminating the The Supermarket – The Agriculture Middleman

What happens if you eliminate the food middleman? Answer: you’d go straight to the farm. Leave it to modern culture come up with an acronym for this sort of thing to make it sound more official [...]

Pug Dreaming with Open Eyes

This is a little freaky – watch this Pug’s eyes… [...]

Do not Kite Surf in Tropical Strom

Mental Note: Do not Kite Surf in tropical storms !! Please try this if the video isn’t showing.. [...]

Nature in Slow Motion

Nature is more amazing than the most advanced machines humans ever made. This next video shows a slow-motion lightning striking the earth at night. Even though it seems as if lightning is a bolt of energy [...]

Christian Lion Make You Cry Video

The sad part of this video is the death of one of the man by poachers in Africa years later… [...]

Tea TV

Samovar Tea Lounge, a San Fransisco tea house, has created a 16-part video series called “Passage to Peace: Exploring Tea Culture Today”. Press the image below to watch the trailer for this online series, which aims [...]