Spices as Pesticides? Seems Healthy, Tastes Good, Too

pesticide useThe demand for organically grown food is growing, and with it, the demand for natural pesticides. It’s been found that rosemary, thyme, clove, and mint aren’t only good in your spaghetti and tea. They also shoo away bugs that’ll eat your crops. If you’ve ever wanted to eat a pesticide before without having to go to the hospital, eat those.

It’s the oil in these spices that does the job. So well, in fact, they’re called “killer spices.”
“We are exploring the potential use of natural pesticides based on plant essential oils – commonly used in foods and beverages as flavorings,” said study presenter Murray Isman, of the University of British Columbia. To make it into a pesticide, farmers generally put small amounts of the species in water, and the rest is history. The bugs either die, or they’re repelled away.

Farmers are already using the new method, which has shown some success in protecting organic strawberry, spinach, and tomato crops. And unlike other chemical pesticides, they don’t need approval for use. After all, it’s just rosemary, so come on! That, and insects can’t evolve a resistance to natural killer spices, whereas they generally can adapt to a chemical poison after some time.

They even show promise in killing and/or repelling home pests. Flies, roaches (I’ve got plenty of those at home) so take some spice, grind it up, put it in some water and see what happens. Comment. Let us know if it works.
Want some more homemade pesticide ideas? Watch this.

Forever Young? 16 Year Old is a Toddler

This may make you think twice about whether you want to be forever young. Brook Greenberg is 16 years old, but she’s basically a baby. Her aging gene is essentially turned off. Either that, or she never had it. And doctors are still searching for whatever it is she doesn’t have. While there’s no hope for her in the long run, to pinpoint the gene she’s missing may give doctors a clue to the aging process.

Dr. Richard Walker has been studying her case since 2006, though her disease remains a mystery, totally undiagnosed, and unique. She may be the only one of the planet who can’t age. But she’s still very, very sick. She can’t eat or walk, and must be fed through a tube.

Walker described the potential benefit her condition may have for humanity. “Once we’re adults, we don’t want to change,” Walker said. “We all want our bodies to be about 21. But those genes don’t turn off at that time. It causes the bodies’ stability to erode, and that’s what aging is. The punchline: if you can get those genes and turn them off, then you wouldn’t have aging.”

A world without aging seems a dangerous place, though. Humans were not meant to say 2 years old for 16 years, and certainly were not meant to live forever. Perhaps, though, this was the way the Biblical Tree of Life worked. An enzyme that turns off the aging gene? Could be. I’m staying the heck away from it. I’m not supposed to be here forever.

Eliminating the The Supermarket – The Agriculture Middleman

Farm w/ CowsWhat happens if you eliminate the food middleman? Answer: you’d go straight to the farm. Leave it to modern culture come up with an acronym for this sort of thing to make it sound more official and sophisticated than it actually is. They call it “CSA” for Community-Supported Agriculture.

For those who don’t like the sound of the phrase “spreading the wealth,” CSA would be the cure, because this is an actual, realistic way of spreading the wealth that doesn’t include taxing the rich and handouts to the poor. What I mean is, if you support local agriculture instead of shopping at Ultragrocersuperdupermegamart, you will give more money to local folks and less to conglomerate giants. Less to oil as well, since the food doesn’t have to be mass transported throughout the country.

CSA’s have been around for a while in the fruit and vegetable category, but now they’re also starting to sprout up for meat. And there’s no need to mention that the meat is raised humanely, is healthier, and no doubt tastes better than the local grocers.

There’s gotta be risks, right? Of course. A CSA customer pays in advance (usually a minimum of 6 months) for a percentage of whatever the farm produces. Customers pick up their food directly from the farm either at the farm itself, or at designated pick-up stations. Right now, there are only a few dozen of these farms that offer meat along with fruits and vegetables.

There’s one right on the South Carolina state line run by Tim and Liz Young, who raise cattle, pigs, chickens, lamb, and most importantly, turkey. I love turkey. Their farm is 76 acres and they don’t use artificial fertilizers, growth hormones, or antibiotics in their animals, and don’t keep them penned up. With milk and meat these days being tainted with high levels of estrogen from artificial hormone injections, this is a very good thing.

They’ve got 50 subscribers with a waiting list, and 2,000 people. The costs are a little bit more, but the sustainable farming practices, healthfulness of the product, and low impact on the environment, along with the fact that you actually know where your food is coming from, is well worth it.

Nature in Slow Motion

Nature is more amazing than the most advanced machines humans ever made. This next video shows a slow-motion lightning striking the earth at night.

Even though it seems as if lightning is a bolt of energy descending from the sky downwards, this conception is actually an illusion resulting from the speed of the whole process. In fact, as you can see in the video, a lightning starts with several “tentacles” that scout their way in the sky, in search of an electrical opponent. They are drawn to electrical fields on the ground, such as the electrical grid or mp3 players. When one of these tentacles touches the ground, the actual lightning forms, sending the current upwards, as a way to balance the unstable charge within the clouds.

Take a look…

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Tea TV

Samovar Tea Lounge, a San Fransisco tea house, has created a 16-part video series called “Passage to Peace: Exploring Tea Culture Today”.

Press the image below to watch the trailer for this online series, which aims to show the connection between drinking tea and inner peace.

Smovar Tea TV