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Swimming on Pluto? Maybe Someday; Maybe Somebody Today.

New evidence shows Pluto may have an ocean under its many mile-thick shell of ice. In light of its frigid temperature, the non-planet appears to be warm enough, at least to “easily” have a subsurface ocean. [...]

The EPA Is Cleaning Our Water

The Environmental Protection Agency is changing drinking water standards to impose stricter limits on four specific contaminants which can cause cancer. EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson said that the agency is developing stricter regulations for: tetrachloroethylene, trichloroethylene, [...]

Adding Salt to the Wound

Mountains of salt are spread on snowy roads in North America every winter, despite the fact that environmentalists have been warning against it for years. Well, studies are piling up, indicating indeed that the cost may [...]

Israel, Leaders in Water Technology

Israel has begun to look beyond its lack of natural resources and has decided to take the lead in water technology. A growing number of Israeli firms have their eyes on overseas markets, offering their expertise [...]

Please Don’t Poison My Water

For years, the energy industry has argued to the nation’s courts and Congress that the federal law which protects drinking water shouldn’t be applied to hydraulic fracturing, the industrial practice which is essential to extracting the [...]

For Those Who Don’t Give a Crap

Sometimes it takes a little retro-active research to complete the picture. I do not know how we here at missed this, but as a note for next year, we’ll stick it in now. November 19th [...]

Water Purifier Uses Less Power than a Hairdryer

Dean Kamen, the inventor of the admittedly dorky, yet somehow cool Segway, is at it again. This time, he has invented the Slingshot. “We believe the world needs a slingshot to take care of its Goliath [...]

Using Bacteria to Purify Water & Produce Electricity

While we’re all freaking out about swine flu and other bacterial microbes that have the potential to make us seriously ill or worse, the scientific community has figuring out how to use bacteria to purify salt [...]

Wet, Wet Air – Time to Take Out the Water

Worried by drought? Well, stop it. Put it this way. Have you ever noticed that when you put an ice-filled glass outside on a humid day, water starts appearing on the outside? This is humidity from [...]

Towards the Horizon

National Geographic always knows how to deliver amazing photos and mesmerizing stories. It’s a feast to the eyes. [...]