9 Replies to “The World’s Largest Wart”

  1. my dog has one that looks exactly like this!!! his is black and it just keeps getting bigger. the vet diagnosed him with canine papillomavirus (when it was considerably smaller) but said it should go away. it has been months, and it definitely has not. we have an appointment to remove it coming up.

    can you tell me—once it was removed, did it come back? was it biopsies? were there any complications/issues?

    thank you for the advice!

  2. we just got a wart exactly like this removed from our dog….it was huge!

    did yours come back? did they biopsy the wart? what did it end up being?

  3. My year old lab is getting over this kind of growth right now. The vet prescribed azithromycin, a 10 day course for papillomas. It took a few days to work, and in that time grew to the size of a large raspberry … however now it’s draining and shrinking rapidly, and is THE most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen. I’m curious how to support recovery from this antibiotic … probiotics?

    I found this helpful link below:


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