Two-Headed Cow

A farmer in northern Egypt claims that his cow has given birth to a two-headed calf. He calls this a “divine miracle.”

Sobhy el-Ganzoury said that it took two hours and a whole lot of pulling to deliver the rare calf; the difficult birth weakened the calf’s legs.

The calf is expected to survive and the Egyptian farmer says that he intends to keep the animal as a reminder that,

“God is able to do anything.”

The calf is still not able to stand up because of its weak legs and two heavy heads; and is being fed her mother’s milk with a baby bottle.

Allegations have in the past been made that Islamic slaughter is inhumane. However, not only is this not the case, but the story of an Egyptian farmer, Sobhy el-Ganzoury and his double-headed cow is further proof of the contrary.

“God calls for mercy in everything, so be merciful when you kill and when you slaughter, sharpen your blade to relieve its pain”

– The Koran

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