Vintage Roots – Organic Wines With a Difference

Organic wines, beers, and spirits have been gaining in popularity in recent years. Fermented or brewed to meet the dietary and taste requirements of the most discriminating organic products consumer, these products are appearing more and more in stores and supermarkets specializing in organic and biodynamic foods.

Vintage Roots, a U.K. based company, began it’s operation in 1986 by three young entrepreneurs who started their business on literally “a wing and a prayer”. Beginning in a house in Reading, outside London, they began with a ‘wine list’ of only 12 wines. Today, their company has grown to a staff of 12, and a wine list of 300 wines and champagnes, dozens of stout, pilsner and lager beers, as well as liqueurs, alcoholic spirits, and even organic sweets.

Their organic and biodynamic red wines, for example, contain no added sulfites, otherwise known as sulfur dioxide. Virtually all wines contain natural sulfites, which are derived from the natural fermentation process of yeast. Many wines, however, especially lower priced ones, have sulfites added to increase the wine’s “shelf life”. By choosing brands with no added sulfites, companies like Vintage Roots can assure their customers, especially those who are allergic to sulfites, that wines marked by the company contain as slow a sulfite content as possible.

Many organic foods consumers are also vegetarians, or vegans, who do not eat any food items containing animal derived ingredients. Many wine producers add substances such as gelatin and egg whites, which are used to make the wine appear clearer or “brighter”. Wines with the letters VG stamped on their bottles mean that these and other animal based substances are not used in the production of the wine.

Wines appearing on the Vintage Roots wine lists come from some of the finest wine producing regions in the world; including the Bordeaux region of France, Tuscany in Italy, and the Cape Province in South Africa. Virtually every type of wine can be found under organic production criteria, including red and white wines, rose wines, and several varieties of champagne.

Organic beers and ales presently offered by the company come mostly from the U.K. and Germany, both known for brewing fine quality beers. These products contain no products grown by the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and other harmful substances.

For those wanting organic spirits, including organic liqueurs, Vintage Roots can offer a full range, including Scotch whisky, vodka, gin, and rum. Fine brandies and cognacs are also available.

Deliveries of wines and spirits are presently only to customers within the U.K.; with extra surcharges for deliveries to the Scottish Highlands, Northern Ireland, and various “off shore” islands (Channel Islands, Isle of Man, etc.).

Full details on all of the products marketed by Vintage Roots can be obtained by accessing their website