“We Gonna Rock Down To Electric Avenue”

shai aggasiA U.S. firm, California-based, Better Place, is building electric car chargers, in Jerusalem of all places and has installed a network in Tel Aviv.

By 2011, roughly 100 charging stations will be found on the streets of Jerusalem. In the same year Israel plans to have electric cars available for mass consumption. Twenty of the stations are already in place.
Better Place, CEO, Shai Agassi calls Israel, “a leader in the road to sustainable mobility.”

In a recent statement, a Better Place spokesperson said that:

Electric car batteries used in Israel will have a range of 160-200 km (100-125 miles), sufficient to cover the distances among most of the small country’s main urban centers. They would take 3-4 hours to charge.

flash charge spotsBetter Place, is a brand new $200-million venture-backed company. They plan to add electric car charging stations in Denmark after the project in Israel; and is working with Renault and Nissan, to develop electric car infrastructure.

According to Reuters:

The firm has also announced partnerships with Australia, California and Hawaii, worth about $2 billion in total, to expand its network in the coming years as markets search for alternatives to cut carbon emissions and pricey fuel imports.

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