Bananas just as Beneficial as Sports Beverages

Beginning an exercise session is one thing, but maintaining it is a whole other story. Fatigue can cut a workout short; if you feel like there is nothing left in your gas tank, then your performance will suffer.

For these reasons, people often turn to sports drinks to give themselves a boost in energy. It’s not uncommon to guzzle down a bottle of Gatorade right before and after a trip to the gym. Sports drinks restore lost electrolytes and can offset the feeling of fatigue and being out of breath.

While sports drinks can provide the much needed boost, they also contain nearly as much sugar as the typical fountain drink. They also tend to be more expensive than a bottle of water.

For those looking for an alternative source of fuel, scientists have discovered a more natural solution that is just as effective. Research done at Appalachian State University discovered that bananas produced the same level of energy as carbohydrate sports drinks.

The study was done on athletes who underwent an intense session of cycling. Athletes were fed either a banana or a cup of energy drink every 15 minutes for three hours. The performance output was roughly the same for those who consumed a banana as those who had the energy drink.

Not only were bananas just as effective, it also contains fiber, vitamin B6 and a natural source of sugar. Bananas have long been known for its high potassium, which is beneficial for combating fatigue, though this is one of the first studies where its benefits have been compared to a sports drink.

For those looking for an organic way of replenishing the fuel tank, a banana reigns supreme over sports drinks that have been diluted with chemicals and loads of sugar.

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