Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability – LOHAS

Have you ever imagined what may be America’s (if not the world’s) largest consumer marketing network? It’s not dealing with entertainment industries (exclusively, that is), fashion, or fast foods. It’s a marking network so large that an estimated 30% of all Americans, 50 million people, are members. And this network covers many categories, from natural foods and health products to alternative energy resources and environmentally friendly modes of transportation. In case you haven’t guessed it already, the ‘network’ is called LOHAS, an abbreviation for Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability.

In the U.S. alone, LOHAS connected services and industries constitute a $229 BILLION business; and it continues to grow each year. Just some of the many categories and industries within this group include:

Alternative Healthcare – Health and wellness solutions including Homeopathy, holistic health approaches, acupuncture, naturopathy, alternative or complementary medicine, therapeutic message, etc.

Healthy Lifestyles – Natural and organic food and food supplement products, nutritional and dietary supplements, personal health and fitness care.

Ecological Lifestyles – Environmental friendly vehicles and appliances, products from recycled materials, “Eco-Tourism” and travel, including alternative transportation and energy sources.

Personal Fitness and Development – Including body building and weight loss programs, books and tapes on mind and body development, spiritual and physical development programs (Yoga, meditation, aerobic and work-out programs, etc).

The range of products and services are so wide that a great majority of people incorporate at least some of these LOHAS concepts in their everyday lives; whether it be purchasing energy saving devices for their homes, eating healthier foods, or taking natural or organic food supplements, using paper and other products from recycled materials, the list goes on and on. And these concepts are not only happening in America, but in other countries too, as more are more people contemplate the connections between economies, environmental issues, and even political governmental systems in order to acquire to total holistic approach to life.

The possibilities are just as varied as the many aspects involved in world holistic thinking. As more and more people become LOHAS advocates, the world may one day become a better place for all. As it has been said many times, we all live on an island from which we cannot leave.