Solar Processing: The Beginning

While the recession has slowed down the rapid rise of alternative energy technologies like solar,wind, wave and bio-fuels, the future still holds promise. The good news for homeowners and businesses is that the benefits of home solar power are not restricted to warm climate states. Gains are actually being seen in some of the least likely of places.

In California, PG&E, one of the major utilities, reports that it connects to 40% of all solar panels in the U.S. It’s probably also not probable that South Florida sees a lot of solar activity, given its warm climate and a progressive bent. Likewise, parts of the Phoenix area are becoming heavily solarized, and to some extent solar panels are being deployed regularly up and down most of America’s coasts, where there is less of a concern with shading and a higher concentration of money.

The decision to go solar is a big one. It may seem complicated, as well as expensive. Getting started may be easier than you think, though, and what’s particularly cool are the rise of solar panel leasing plans and neighborhood groups that are pooling resources to get hefty group discounts.

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