The Popular Ginger

Ginger is the edible part of the plant Zingiber officinale. Many people mistakenly think that ginger is a root, but we’re actually talking about a rhizome. Ginger is commonly known as a popular spice, which has many culinary uses in various cuisines across the world. Ginger is indispensable product in Asian and oriental cuisine. Ginger has been used by Chinese medicine for centuries. Ginger assists in digestion by enhancing production of digestive fluids. Ginger thus helps to treat dyspepsia, general stomach aches and diarrhea. Ginger can also relieve nausea in pregnant women or sea sickness.

Other therapeutic properties attributed to Ginger are: detoxification of body chemicals, stimulating blood circle, and relieving respiratory diseases such as asthma. The good news is the ginger is not only healthy but also easy to get and relatively cheap. Ginger serves as a very useful product in the any kitchen: it can be cooked as an ingredient in numerous dishes, such as fish, meat or even cookies. Fresh ginger can be added to salads. You can also use ginger in beverages : to make a ginger tea, jusr put a slice of fresh ginger root in hot water, and add honey and sliced lemon.

Cinnamon and Honey for Good Health

Honey BeesMany people may not know that taking a daily mixture of two common household food items, honey and cinnamon, they can not only improve their health but even help cure a number of diseases and debilitating health conditions. In an article published several years ago in a Canadian magazine, Weekly World News, the value of honey as a medicine is shown to be even more effective if combined with cinnamon. A common household spice. Just a few of the suggested uses for this “miracle health duo” are noted as follows.

Arthritis: This common affliction that strikes many people over age 40 can be treated by drinking twice daily a cup of hot water with two tablespoons on honey and half a teaspoon of cinnamon. In a study conducted at Copenhagen University medical school, it was found that out of 200 patients who tried this treatment 75 were virtually without pain after one month, and many others were able to walk and do other body movements again with much reduced pain.

Common Colds: Taking one table spoonful of honey and a quarter teaspoonful of cinnamon with warm water gives great relief for the sinus and bronchial sufferings of common colds after 3 days. This also holds true for those suffering from influenza symptoms as well.

Indigestion and upset stomach: taking at least two spoonfuls of honey mixed with cinnamon removes the acid and bloated feelings of indigestion and reduces stomach pain and nausea associated with upset stomach. The combination is also said to be good in treating conditions such as stomach ulcers.

Heart diseases: Eating a mixture of honey and cinnamon daily at breakfast time, instead of butter and jelly, helps keep arteries clear and reduces the chance of having heart attacks. Those who already have had an attack, have less chance of having another one. It also reduces the level of blood cholesterol, which causes fat deposits to build up in arteries.

Cancer: Many kinds of cancer, including stomach and bone cancer, can be treated with good results by taking one tablespoon of honey and one teaspoonful of cinnamon by mouth three times per day.

Longevity and aging: Due to being high in anti-oxidants, drinking a tea-like mixture of 4 tablespoons of honey and 1 spoonful of cinnamon powder mixed with warm water helps reduce the aging process, and even adds years to one’s life.

Before embarking on this kind of cure, be sure to use a good quality natural honey and not one mixed with sugar and other substances, such as corn syrup. It is also advisable to make sure you are not allergic to taking large doses of honey (many people are and aren’t aware of it). With this advice in mind, using these two ingredients is a good idea for maintaining good health.

Chocolate Not Only Sweet But Healthy

Chocolate, though often high in calories, is actually one of the healthiest food products we can eat. The secret if reaping the benefits from chocolate is to eat it in it’s purest form; i.e., dark or bittersweet chocolate with at least 60 to 70% pure cocoa butter, which is chocolate in it’s most natural state. Chocolate in commercial chocolate candy and chocolate bars though often contain high amounts of sugar, as well as corn syrup, and a number of preservatives which we can really do without.

Studies made by some of the leading commercial chocolate producing companies have found that worldwide, some 69% of total chocolate consumption is bittersweet chocolate, with milk chocolate coming in second at 21% and white chocolate third at 10%.

The best types of natural chocolate is the dark, bittersweet variety usually found in high quality natural and organic foods stores; and much of this kind of chocolate comes from central America and the Caribbean. The making of chocolate has been in existence in Central America for more than 3,000 years. The health benefits include a number of alkaloids which not only induce a pleasurable effect on the body but also are help reduce risks of cardiovascular diseases by lowering blood pressure levels.

Besides its confectionery qualities, chocolate is also widely used in baking cakes and cookies. Who hasn’t enjoyed a truly well made chocolate cake, or chocolate chip cookies and brownies? Chocolate fondue dips are also a favorite at parties, especially during the winter months.

Those who fancy the types of chocolate that is sold in high quality candy and confectionery stores will find a garden of earthly delights in a product that is still one of the most popular gift items for romantic calendar dates such as anniversaries, and of course Valentine’s or Love Day, in which gifts of chocolate are becoming popular in countries like China and Japan.

Although Switzerland is still well acclaimed for it’s chocolate, especially milk chocolate, Belgium is perhaps the king of truly quality chocolates such as Godiva which must be constantly under refrigeration and is sold by weight. Fine quality chocolate of this type can sell for $50 a pound, and is definitely a cut above the “Mister Goodbar” types you usually find in discount department stores.

Of course, chocolate is high in calories and must be eaten in moderation, or most of its health benefits will be null and void. But if people know their “chocolate limit” and don’t overdo it, why not enjoy all the merits of fine chocolate, especially its taste!

HGH Keeps People Feeling Young

For years, many famous celebrities include Hollywood movie stars have helped to turn back the aging clock by taking HGH or Human Growth Hormones. Although only given wide attention recently, HGH has been used for years, and was originally taken to help increase height in children and teenagers, and for increasing muscle mass in adults.

A number of famous people, including Marilyn Monroe, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Rod Stewart, Cher, and Sylvester Stallone have taken HGH at some time in their lives. Growth hormone is normally manufactured in our pituitary gland, located at the base of our brain. By middle age, however, this gland begins to produce less and less hormone, and this factor is one of the primary causes of what is known as the “aging process”.

Since growth hormone stimulates body cells, causing them to divide, the lack of this hormone results in our body cells dividing less and less until finally, many cells cease dividing altogether. Children who are short in stature and have problems with proper kidney function, are often given HGH to stimulate their body’s natural hormone building processes. Older people are given it for increase bone mass and muscle density as well as to increase heart rate. HGH also is said to reduce body fat by increasing the body’s metabolic rate.

Those wishing to build up muscle mass more quickly can combine HGH injections with a good body muscle building program.

As with all body stimulants, caution must be used when taking HGH injections. Some serious side effects include swelling in arms, legs and feet, headaches and muscle pain, high blood pressure, and abnormal growth of internal organs. Taking these hormones should only be done under medical supervision; and should be ceased immediately if the above symptoms should occur. Taking HGH can also result in symptoms resembling arthritis; and if this occurs, tests should be made to make sure that actual cases of arthritis do not occur

Many people swear that taking HGH is like “drinking from the fountain of youth”, and although there is no definite proof to back up this claim, the same results can possibly be achieved by a healthy diet and regular exercise program.

Drinking the “Juices of Life”

With all the information available concerning natural health remedies, none are so beneficial as those involving drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juices to receive natural vitamins and minerals that are essential to good health. Many people may not be aware, however, that it’s not only drinking these juices, but the right combination of these natural elixirs that are even more important for maintaining good health. Taking this fact in mind, here are some of these natural juice “cocktails” that should be taken together in order to receive their full benefits:

Carrots, ginger, and apple: Most people are familiar with these; one being a yellow vegetable, one an herb, and one a fruit. By drinking a combination of 45% Carrot and 45% apple juice, with the addition of 5% ground fresh ginger, the result is a very refreshing drink that boosts our immune system and keeps us regular. Carrots are also said to be excellent for healthy eyesight and ginger has a number of medicinal uses, especially in preventing and treating certain forms of cancer. And as for apples, the old saying o f “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” alleges to the healthful benefits of this very versatile fruit.

Apples, cucumbers and celery are said to help fight cancer, reduce cholesterol levels in the body and for relieving upset stomachs and treating headaches. Cucumbers also contain an ingredient useful for treating skin conditions, and celery is rich in vegetable fiber which helps prevent colon problems, especially cancer.

A combination of carrots, apples, pears and mangos helps lower body heat (which rises during illness or when stressed) counteracts toxicity, lowers blood pressure, and reduces free radicals which cause oxidation and aging. Mangos are rich in flavenoids which are excellent anti-oxidants.

A combination of honeydew melons, red grapes, water melon and whole milk creates a drink that is high I vitamin C and B2 which not only helps stimulate cell growth and activity but strengthens to body’s natural immune system. Although the milk does contains some cholesterol, it is counterbalanced by the acidity and vitamin C in the fruit. Red grapes, which contains high amounts of flavenoids, help clean our cardiovascular system and slows down the effects of aging.

And a cocktail of fresh papayas, pineapples, and milk is rich in vitamin C and E, as well as in iron. This combination drink is said to aid our metabolic rates as well as improve skin complexions. Papayas in themselves are considered high in flavenoids and other antioxidants, as well as being a great aid in digestion.

From these fruit and vegetable combinations, we can see that it is possible to obtain many health benefits at relative low costs. It simply makes good sense to go the “natural way” for maintaining good health.

Human Muscles: the “workaholics” of the body

While the human body is considered as a wonder of Devine Creation, human muscles are responsible for our body’s total movements and functions. Derived from the Latin term musculus, muscles are groups to cell tissue known as contractile tissue and are formed by mesodermal layers of embryonic germ cells.

There are basically three main classifications of muscles in all primates, including Man. These are the skeletal, the cardiac, and the smooth muscles. Skeletal muscles are the largest group as they are attached to the body’s skeletal system and are responsible for virtually all voluntary movements. Even eye and tongue muscles are considered to be skeletal muscles as they are attached to the human skull which is part of the overall skeletal system. An adult human male has between 40 – 50% skeletal muscles, while a female has between 30 – 40%. Since skeletal muscles are responsible for motion as posture, the muscle fiber in them is much stronger and ‘stringy’ that those found in either cardiac or smooth muscles. Anybody eating a piece of beef chuck steak, which comes from the skeletal muscles of a cow, can testify to this fact.

Smooth muscles are found inside the body and are responsible for the functions of internal organs such as the lungs, stomach, intestines, uterus, bladder, and blood vessels. Their fibers are shorter and more ‘smooth’ than skeletal muscle fiber, but their functions are no less important as they control the functions of the body’s vital organs

Cardiac muscles are found within the heart and though considered as involuntary muscles, are responsible for operating the “pump” that sends life give blood to all parts of the body.

Many who have studied the science of anatomy have debated on which muscles are the strongest in the human body. Some have said that muscles such as those found in the limbs (hands arms, legs, etc) are the strongest as they are responsible for motions such walking/running, grasping, and lifting. Others have said that lateral muscles located along the human spine are the strongest as they help assist the spine support the entire body.

In actuality, however, the strongest muscles are found in the facial muscles, including the jaw muscles, tongue muscles and eye muscles. The jaw muscles, in fact, have tremendous strength as they are responsible not only for mouth movements, but for chewing and swallowing the very food we eat. Eye muscles, though small in comparison with others, also are very strong as they control our constant eye movements. And the tongue muscles, which control our speech, are also considered as some of our strongest muscles. Anyone who has a “gift for gab” will appreciate this fact.

Since humans belong to animal species known as vertebrates (those animals having internal skeletal systems) studies of the origins all vertebrates indicates that they came from a common origin that appeared on earth more than 700,000 years ago, beginning with fish and other sea creatures, that evolved into amphibians, reptiles, then on into birds and mammals.

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The Beauty of Body Art

Picture Credit Eva: Artists Online

The Beauty of Body ArtBody art, as compared to normal tattooing, involves using the human body as the basis for various forms of art. Many body art creations are so intricate and creative that they are exhibited in special art exhibitions. Often the person on which the designs have been painted is none other than the artist him/herself. As contrasted to permanent tattooing, body paint is removable, although care must be given not to have the model wear paints that clog the skin pores and keep it from “breathing”.

Body art in one form or another has been in existence for as long as the human race.
Modern examples of body art include people being painted in various art designs prior to their participation in festive activities such as the Carnival celebrations which take place in countries like Brazil prior to the pre-Easter period of Lent.

In many body art creations, the model is entirely nude, and the artist paints intricate patterns and designs on the model’s body, including pictures and even facsimiles of clothing. Body art festivals are held in many countries annually and prizes are awarded for the most original or intricate art creations. Many primitive societies, such as those found in Africa, South America, and Australia still practice body art for religious ritualistic purposes.

Some forms of body art can be physically damaging, as per the example of body painting that can clog skin pores. Other types of body art can actually burn the skin, such as with the use of extreme exposure to the sun, use of implements that burn the skin and hair, and the use of abrasive or acidic chemicals.

Body art is often done in conjunction with other forms of art expression, including music, dance, and with various props t accentuate the body art designs. Body art in te form of tattoos can be very intricate and beautiful; but these who agree to them must realize that they are “wed” to the design for life, since removing them is much more involved that a simple tattoo

Body art and tattoo conventions, such as the Body Art Expo held in Pomono California; features more than 300 artists and draws thousands of visitors. Some of the most intricate, and bizarre, designs and body paintings are on display there. Similar exhibitions are held in other locations, including San Francisco and Denver, Colorado.

Smart Ways For Muscle Building

Building body muscles requires more than just working out in a gym or health club. Experts in the field of sports medicine and nutrition generally agree that there are three important steps in body building for muscles that not only look good but give your body power as well. These three steps are planned and intelligent work outs, including weight lifting, proper nutrition, and adequate and proper sleep.

First of all, in work outs and weight lifting, a work out plan should be drawn up in advance with consultation from an experienced supervisor or trainer. The plan should include progressive exercises according a person’s age, present weight and height, and overall fitness goal. This plan can be changed or amended as the program progresses, and care must be made not to overdo it in the beginning as the damage to both muscles and connecting tissue can be very harmful. The progress should be gradual and reports should be made to indicate changing fitness status, progress made, etc.

Nutrition is not less important and a proper diet to benefit the workout program should be carefully planned. Certain foods containing sufficient proteins and energy building carbohydrates (carbs) should be consumed both before and after the workout. Following an intensive weight lifting and workout session, foods and food supplements containing protein derivatives are vital to nourish muscles and other tissues that have been strained and even damaged during the workout. The proper diet required can be worked out with the aid of an experienced expert on sports and fitness nutrition.

Sleep is often referred to as “nature’s great restorer”. A sufficient amount of sleep, usually between 7 and 8 hours is important for helping to restore tissues that are broken down during a strenuous workout session or from athletic competition. If this amount of sleep is difficult due to a person’s daily schedule, then emphasis on “quality sleep time” should be, including taking catnaps during the day. Many sport’s trainers agree that even a 30 minute mid-day nap can be very beneficial if done properly and without any distractions.

Contrary to what many people believe, it is possible to achieve a desired body muscle fitness program without having to resort to taking supplements that may be considered illegal in many sports and body building competition. All that’s required is to simply make a sensible plan using the three steps already mentioned and stick with it until the desired results are reached.

Successful Bodybuilding & Goal Setting

Successful Bodybuilding & Goal Setting(Hat Tip: Fitness Muscle)
Many people engage in the activity known as bodybuilding. The definition of the term refers to the goal of reaching maximum muscle tone and appearance which is accomplished by a combination of body work outs, sufficient calorie intake, and ample rest. Before beginning a fitness and workout program, it is wise to visit your family physician and make sure your body is capable of undergoing a serious physical exercise program. Afterwards, it is good idea to consult with a trained fitness and bodybuilding instructor in order to determine what kind of working out program is best suited for your age, weight, and present physical condition.

A bodybuilding program must be started gradually, with care not to over exert untoned muscles which can result in dangerous consequences. Older people, particularly those over 40, should build their bodies and not put too much stress on their bodies.

There are several areas of bodybuilding that can be considered, including natural body building without the use of muscle enhancers such as anabolic steroids, professional bodybuilding for those wishing to enter into professional competitions, and age and gender bodybuilding. Professional body builders who plan to enter numerous contests should become a member of the International Federation of Body Builders (IFBB), and those wishing to take the natural approach should join an organization known as the North American Natural Body Building Association.

Diet and adequate rest are no less important than actual work out sessions themselves. Besides eating a well balance diet, serious body builders who want to develop sufficient muscular structure will need to eat special diets that are high in proteins and low in fats. Consulting a dietitian who is familiar with nutrition requirements for successful bodybuilding is advisable; and a number of books dealing in proper nutrition for bodybuilding are also available. Professional bodybuilding trainers recommend a diet of around 25 – 30% of proteins per total calorie intake.

Those embarking on a long term bodybuilding program, especially considering being a professional bodybuilder must accept the fact that it is long term commitment that has to be undergone continuously to prevent built up muscle tissue from reverting to “flab”. It is also recommended to avoid long term use of muscle enhancers, such as steroids, and to get plenty of rest. For without adequate rest and sleep, exerted muscles are not able to recover from the stress of the workouts and rebuild themselves.

The bottom line is to seek professional advice before embarking on a serious body building program.

Tattoos An Expression of Personality

Tattoos and other similar forms of body art have been in existence as long as the human race. Artwork from ancient Sumerian and Egyptian tombs indicate that the art was already well established during the 2nd millennium B.C.E. While much of this lifetime body adornment has been for religious and similar purposes, it has also been a form of art and even beauty for many, especially in more modern times.

Modern tattoo art came into its own during both world wars when both sailors and soldiers of many countries had tattoos inscribed on their bodies, usually on their forearms and shoulders. Many lonesome military personnel often had the names of their sweethearts inscribed on them, along with various romantic symbols. Some guys, especially sailors in both naval and merchant marine fleets went even farther and had tattoos of either partially of fully nude women, often with a name of a girl friend or famous film star, drawn onto their bodies.

Women as well as men have had tattoos put on literally all parts of their bodies, sometimes in the most “interesting” places. While most women’s tattoos are smaller and less revealing than men’s that is not always the case; and some “illustrated” women have the most intricate designs drawn on large sections of their physique.

Once done in what were known as tattoo parlors, often in sleazy or run down neighborhoods, tattoo emporiums can now be found even in the most upscale areas. Many Hollywood movie stars have tattoos, and some of these designs have even caused the actor or actress to gain more popularity. The art is no longer the exclusive adornment for sailors or bikers (motorcycle gang members), but is now even popular with men and women of the highest economic strata. There are tattoo societies, forums, magazines and conclaves, where recent developments in the art are portrayed and discussed, and new designs are shared. Tattoo conventions take place annually in many American states as well as in countries all over the globe.

Costs of having tattoos applied vary considerably, and depend of the intricacy of the design, including how many colors are used, and where the tattoo is done. Many tourists to countries such as India and Thailand wind up having tattoos made due to their low costs in these countries.

A word of caution, though. Tattoos done in unsanitary conditions can result in serious infections which can lead to complications, such as a condition known as M.S.R.A., Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus, which often results after having a tattoo applied in unsanitary conditions and can cause serious skin diseases and even death. It is most important that strict hygienic measures be taken care of, including proper cleansing of the area where the tattoo is to be applied, since it does involve piercing the skin with a needle-like applicator.

Tattoo Magazine and other similar monthly and bi-monthly periodicals keep tattoo aficionados up on latest news and information on upcoming events. This information is also available though numerous internet websites.