Traces of Homo Sapien Genesis Found in Israel

New fossil findings show that modern man has existed longer than once posited. The new findings by members of a Tel Aviv University research team could reverse theories of the origin of humans.

Excavated in a cave in central Israel, teeth were found from a man who lived some 400,000 years ago. They resemble the teeth of other modern men – Homo Sapiens.

Mideast Israel Ancient Teeth“It’s very exciting to come to this conclusion,” said archaeologist Avi Gopher. The findings were scanned by X-ray and CAT scans, though further research will be required to concretize the hypotheses. If the hypothesis is concretized, he said, “Tthis changes the whole picture of evolution.”

The commonly known theory is that Homo Sapiens originated in Africa and migrated off the continent. If the remains found in Israel are definitively linked to modern human’s ancestors, said Gopher, it could mean that modern man actually originated in what is now Israel.

Sir Paul Mellars, a prehistory scholar at England’s Cambridge University, said the study is legitimate, and the find is “important”.

According to the accepted scientific theories today, modern humans and Neanderthals stemmed from a common ancestor who lived in Africa some 700,000 years ago. A single group of descendants migrated to Europe and developed into Neanderthals, before going extinct; while, another group stayed in Africa and evolved into Homo Sapiens — modern humans.
According to Mellars, however, teeth are often unreliable indicators of origin, and analysis of skull remains would more definitively identify the species found in the Israeli cave.

Gopher, though, says he is confident his team will find skulls and bones in the cave if they keep on looking.

The prehistoric Qesem cave was first found in 2000. Excavations began in 2004.

Climate Research in Israel’s Dead Sea

Recent research shows evidence of truth to the Sodom and Gomorrah story. Five miles out from the shore of the Dead Sea, near to the center of that mysterious body of water, an international team of scientists from Israel, Switzerland, Germany, Norway, Japan and the United States have been drilling beneath the seabed with the hopes of digging up a record of climate change and earthquake history, which would stretch back half a million years.

Dead SeaThe 40 day project, led by Israel and bank-rolled by the International Continental Scientific Drilling Program, based in Germany, culminated in finding a wood fragment, roughly 400,000 years old and a layer of gravel from a mere 50,000 to 100,000 years ago. These findings evinced that what is now the middle of the Dead Sea was once a shore.

The objective of the experiment was to extract a geological core that might supply information of global importance on natural processes and environmental changes.

The Dead Sea, in Israel, sits in the deepest, largest basin in the world. The scientists drilled at the center because they assumed the sediment accumulated there had always been underneath the water and the better preserved for never having had exposure to the atmosphere.

The first borehole reached nearly 1,500 feet below the seabed until the drill-head actually died. That hole produced scores of plastic tubes filled with continuous segments of sediment. They will be sent to Germany for analysis.

The varying layers of mud and salt seem to represent both wet and dry periods, respectively. The gravel at the bottom was similar to what is found today on the shores of the Sinai Peninsula. While the Dead Sea’s levels have dropped, purportedly because of human intervention, the famous body of water had in history reached yet lower levels and still managed to bounce back.

Deadly Disaster in northern Israel

Israel Carmel Fire42 people were killed in what Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called an “unprecedented disaster”. A fire which started in the Carmel Ridge and Alon Valley in northern Israel devoured about 7 million trees, creating damage which will take at least a decade to recover from. Hundreds of acres used by Israel’s largest banana plantations, owned by Kibbutz Hahotarim, Kibbutz Ein HaCarmel (which jointly own Coastal Bananas Ltd.) and Kibbutz Beit Oren were destroyed.

More than 17,000 people were evacuated from their homes. All in all, one-third of the hilly pine Carmel Forest which clings to the mountain ridge above Israel’s third-largest city, Haifa. A rough count of 250 private homes were destroyed in the fire, while houses and other structures on Kibbutz Beit Oren and Kibbutz Yemin Orde, as well as the artists’ village of Ein Hod turned into ash and rubble.

Negligence, not arson, is said to have caused the vicious forest blaze – by far the worst in Israel’s history – which broke out on Thursday and was not extinguished until Sunday, over 82 hours since its ignition.

Carmel FireFor years, Israeli firefighters have complained of undersized crews, outdated equipment and insufficient supplies. The country only has 1,400 firefighters, which is far below the worldwide average. Despite a highly sophisticated air force, Israel doesn’t have a single firefighting plane. It actually ran out of flame retardants on the first day of the disaster.

Replying to emergency cries for help, firefighting aircrafts were sent in from Bulgaria, Greece, Jordan, Turkey, Russia, Cyprus and Britain – and further aid was offered by the Egyptians, Jordanians and the Palestinians.

Jon Donnison of the BBC’s Jerusalem bureau noted:

“Israel’s emergency services have not had to handle an operation on sunch a scale since the war in Lebanon in 2006.”

Gray Whale Moved to Israel

Researchers were stunned last week when a gray whale was sighted in Israel. It is believed to be the first such sighting outside the Pacific Ocean in 300 years!

Typically, gray whales are only found in the Pacific Ocean. After years of hunting, they vanished in the North Atlantic around the 17th or 18th centuries.
In order to be spotted in the Mediterranean Sea, the gray whale traveled “a huge distance from its natural habitat thousands of kilometers away,” and one researcher said it was “bizarre in the extreme,” per BBC.

Researcher Phillip Clapham of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, said:

“There are really only two explanations: that there has been a relict population in the N Atlantic that no one has noticed (virtually impossible), or (more likely) that this whale came down through the ice-free Northwest Passage and is now hopelessly lost.”

Israeli Firm Creates Energy from Road Traffic

If you remember New Energy Technologies and their electricity generating speed bump, you may now rest assured that they’re getting some help. They’d probably see it as competition, but Israeli firm Innowattech has successfully tested its own method of generating electricity from road traffic.

Energy Generating RoadThe test took place on a 10 meter stretch of Highway 4. Passing cars provided enough power for street lights at that section. The technology that powers it – generators are implanted two inches below the asphalt layer and create energy from the weight of the cars passing over them. The watts are stored in batteries on the side of the road.

An unanswered question remains to be, doesn’t this just take energy from one place and give it to another? What I mean is, the energy that is now used to push down a generator and light up a street light could have otherwise been used for travel. The question, more directly, is this: Don’t the generators slow you down? If so, then you’ll have to use more gasoline to travel, offsetting the benefits. If they don’t, then there shouldn’t be any problem and street lights become self-powered.

If the state agrees to install it on its highways, then I guess it’s worth it. Meanwhile, we’ll be waiting and seeing what comes about.

Israel Becoming Regional Organic Food and Remedies Center

Already known as an international leader in vegetarian food products, Israel is now becoming a major organic food and medical remedy supplier as well. Organic and whole foods consumers welcomed the opening in 2007 of two major whole and organic foods supermarkets, Eden in Netanya, and Teva Castel in the upscale Herzliya Petuah community, a few kilometers north of Tel Aviv.

Israel has an annual whole foods market of more than $600 million, which has also caused major supermarket chains like Mega and SuperSal to introduce more organic and whole foods sections into their stores as well. The appeal of whole or natural foods, especially those organically grown, has been gaining in popularity, despite their higher costs. More and more people have become aware of the benefits of foods grown and processed without pesticides and antibiotics, as well as various harmful preservatives. And it’s not only the health benefits, but the taste difference that is inducing consumers to which to whole grains, organically grown fruit and vegetables, as well as “free running” poultry and eggs, and “range fed” beef.

Now it appears that a wide selection of organic and other natural food products and remedies are available form Israel via the internet. Sites include numerous categories ranging from dietary supplements and natural grocery products to eco-friendly cleaning supplies, herbal remedies, and medicinal creams and wellness products. Many of the items offered are produced in Israel and are not only certified by local health and religious authorities, but by local and international organic foods and remedy associations as well.

New products are constantly appearing on the market sites, including Omega 3 and other vitamin supplements, specially formulated Aloe Vera drinks, and a number of herbal remedies.

For those wanting certified strictly kosher products the site offers ones certified by the most well known “Kashrut hechsher” certifiers, including OU, Star-K, Badatz, Rav Landau, and others.

Huge Gas Reservoir Found Off the Coast of Israel

Israel’s energy grid relays mostly on coal burning. Several years ago, a large gas reservoir had been found off the coast of Ashkelon, and related construction is still under way to utilize it.

However, today it was announced that a natural gas reservoir, three times bigger than that off the coast of Ashkelon, has been found off the coast of Haifa. The reservoir is apparently 90 Kilometers west of the coast, and extracting it wouldn’t be an easy task.

Nevertheless, this is a huge discovery for the people of Israel, and it could help the tiny country become much less dependent on foreign oil.

Is there such a thing as good radiation?

Well, we should always be careful when exposing ourselves to radiation! However, there are several spots on Earth where exposing ourselves to the sun’s radiation has become a healthy practice.

One such spot is the Dead Sea (actually a lake), which lies in the desert between Israel and Jordan in the Middle East. The Dead Sea Valley is the lowest place on Earth, standing 300 meters below sea level. Yes, much lower than the Netherlands. In Hebrew, the Dead Sea is known as the Salty Sea, because the ground in the valley is rich with salts. As a result, the lake itself is very salty, making the water relatively heavier, and thus allowing people to easily float above them in a lying position.

The salty atmosphere also filters a large percentage of the sun’s hazardous radiation, making it more difficult for people bathing in the lake to suffer sunburns. This is why people with Psoriasis from all across the world come to the Dead Sea to enjoy its unique properties. Sun exposure is a proven remedy for Psoriasis, and it’s safer to “get some sun” down in that valley.