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We offer a selection of quality lifestyle products that improve and enhance our customers life. Our goal is to seek out the best quality products, test them and deliver them to our customers with a top level customer service approach. Natural Buy sells its products through the leading marketplaces.

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LARGE 2.5 Inch BLACK ANODIZED ALUMINUM GRINDER THAT WORKS! Large 2.5 Inch light weight black anodized aluminum 4 piece herb grinder with fine Stainless Steel screen filter and large pollen catcher. Grinder for herb, tobacco, spices and weed.

TOUGH AIRCRAFT GRADE & RAZOR SHARP TEETH – California Grinder’s extra sharp teeth and black aircraft grade aluminum for quality long lasting scratch resistant finish.

“ZERO WASTE” SMOOTH ROUNDED POLLEN KIEF CATCHER – Nothing gets left behind with the smooth rounded corners of this pollen catcher.

ODOR CONTROL & FRESHNESS SEAL – The smooth fitting top is lined with a quality Poly O-Ring and sealed with a powerful neodymium magnet for incredible closure, freshness & odor control.

FULL 100% CALIFORNIA GRINDER MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – We don’t ask questions! Unhappy with our grinder? Let us know and we will refund your purchase!

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Weed Tobacco Herb Grinder

Handmade Portable Olive Wood Tobacco Box and Smoking Gift Kit including 2″ and 3″ Holders
Round portable tobacco storage box. Handmade olive wood box with engraved lotus on top. The round box is 1.75″ in diameter box and 1.1″ in height. Includes 2″ and 3″ tobacco holders. Convenient portable storage box and 2 piece gift set. Packaged in a natural cotton pouch.

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Tobacco Box and Cigarette Tobacco Weed Pipes One Hitters

Compact 12 Inch Diameter 4 Layer Mini Hanging Herb Drying Rack – Black Dry Net Mesh Screen with Zippers for Indoor and Outdoor Use

This is a 12 inch in diameter dry net for herbs and spices. This compact hydroponic drying rack can be used for herbs, flowers, light vegetables and you can hang it anywhere, indoors/outdoors, closets, grow tents, garage and so on.

Price on Amazon $25.95

12 Inch Dry Net

9 Inch 3 or 5 Level MICRO Hanging Dry Net Indoor/Closet Drying Rack for Herbs, Organizer, Freshener

These MICRO drying nets are great for smaller spaces. quality construction and just the right size to fit into any place – indoor and outdoor. Collapsed Dry Net slips right into the slim cover (no twisting) AS IS!

3 Level Price on Amazon $23.95

5 Level Price on Amazon $25.95


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