Canker Sore Ointment may be the Next Revolutionary Weight Loss Drug

Canker Sore Ointment may be the Next Revolutionary Weight Loss Drug

Some people are prone to getting canker sores from time to time. These are small mouth ulcers that manifest inside the mouth. While the sore normally heals within a week or so, those who get it can expect agonizing pain whenever they eat, brush their teeth or even touch it with their tongue. A drug known as amlexanox is normally used to numb the pain. Amlexanox, however, may also prove to be an effective weight loss supplement.

A study conducted by the University of Michigan shows that the drug contains properties that make obese laboratory mice thin even without diet or exercise. So far, the test has only been performed on mice, and what works on rodents may not necessarily work on humans.

In the study, mice were given a high-fat diet, which ballooned their weight. The obese mice were then injected with amlexanox and subsequently lost weight, even though they were continually fed the same diet and did not exercise. When taken off the drug, the weight quickly came back.

If amlexanox has the same effect on humans, then it could potentially be one of the biggest breakthroughs since Viagra, which was originally intended as a drug for treating chest pain but was later found to be effective for correcting erectile dysfunction.

Amlexanox has been sold in drug stores for the past 15 years as an ointment for canker sores. The research, however, shows that it can also alter the genes that control metabolism.

The reason a low calories diet tends to be ineffective is because the body adjusts to the calorie restriction by slowing metabolism. Amlexanox has shown – for mice at least – that it has the capabilities of speeding up metabolism regardless of diet.

Researchers are already making arrangements to test the effectiveness of the drug on humans, which is expected to take place later this year.

Chewing Foods for Longer Periods may Help Curb Appetite

Christmas is normally one of those rare moments when you allow yourself to indulge whatever is on the dinner table. This means scarfing down that extra helping of turkey and following up with a large plate of pie with a scooping of ice cream. Now that Christmas is over and New Year’s is approaching, dieting may be a part of your resolution for 2013. If so, then you may want to consider chewing your food for longer periods as a way of reducing appetite.

New research suggests that chewing every mouthful of food for a minimum duration of 30 seconds can serve as a powerful appetite suppressant. This means less snacking after a meal, which means less calories consumed.

The experiment was conducted at the University of Birmingham and consisted of 43 student volunteers who were all given identical meals of the same type and portion. A third of the participants were simply instructed to eat as they usually would without any deviation. Another third was told to pause for 10 seconds between each swallowing of food and the final third told to chew for 30 seconds with each bite.

Two hours after the meal, they were given a plateful of sweets and were monitored on the amount they consumed. The results showed that those that ate the meal in their normal manner and those that paused between bites ate twice the amount of sweets on their plate as those that chewed their meals for 30 seconds.

However, further analysis showed that chewing foods for prolonged periods also came with a price. Those in the study that were instructed to chew their foods for 30 seconds also reported less enjoyment of the food as it felt more like a chore.

Nevertheless, chewing your foods for longer duration may be worth a try if you are trying to fit into a new dress of pair of jeans for 2013.

Almonds a Healthy Substitute for Weight Loss

When people go on a diet, not only do they need to cut down on the total amount of calories they consume daily, but they also have to be more selective with the type of calories they eat. This means substituting potato chips, cookies and soda for healthier options.

There are plenty of healthy snacks that are just as tasty. Nuts, and particularly almonds, for example, are one such type of snack. A new study was conducted that consisted of 123 obese adults who followed a specific calorie-controlled diet for 18 months.

While all the subjects were given the same amount of total calories, half of them were given two 28-gram packages of almonds to consume every day. The other half were told to avoid any type of nuts completely.

About six months into the study, the group that consumed the nuts had a higher average weight loss than the group that refrained from them. The group that ate the almonds also showed a higher drop in cholesterol levels. After 18 months, the cholesterol levels from both groups have risen though the group that consumed the almonds still showed a slight lower average.

The results seem to indicate that almonds, when eaten in moderation, can be useful for weight loss and have additional benefits as well. Past studies do indicate that nuts play a role in lowering cholesterol and triglycerides, a type of fat that forms in the blood.

Nuts have traditionally been vilified due to its high fat content. However, most health experts believe that nuts can be beneficial for a dieter because of their rich levels of vitamin E, potassium, magnesium and fiber. Researchers also believe that nuts can help fight off cravings due to its crunchy texture and taste. The take-home message here is not to eat all the almonds you want, but that they can be incorporated into any diet plan for healthy weight loss.

The New Feeding Tube Diet Raises Health Concerns

It is kind of sad that society places so much importance on appearance. The mainstream media has decided that being unnaturally thin is the standard for beauty. This has led to many young people, especially women, doing dangerous things to their body just to shed a few pounds. This includes depriving themselves of food and binging, all of which can be detrimental to health. Not only that, but the weight loss is often more from muscle than it is from fat.

There is now another crazy, rapid weight loss scheme. This new method is known as the Feeding Tube Diet. The method was formulated by Dr. Oliver R. Di Pietro and involves the use of a tube that is inserted into the nose and into the esophagus. The patient is then fed a total of 800 calories a day through the tube, which consist of a protein formula with no carbohydrates. The formula used also suppresses appetite, so the patient will not go hungry during the process.

The diet lasts for 10 days, and patients have reported an average loss of 15-20 pounds. Dr. Pietro charges 1,500 dollars for the procedure.

Dr. Michael Aziz, an intern at Lenox Hill Hospital based in New York, believes the Feeding Tube Diet poses some dangerous risks. He pointed out that with such a procedure, the weight loss is mostly from water, which is only temporary. While this may be great if you are trying to fit into a wedding or prom dress, the weight is often regained within a matter of days. He further added that the diet can also lead to nutritional deficiencies, which can cause thyroid and heart problems.

There are a lot of people who are unhappy with their physique. However, this is no reason to try some new diet fad that can pose a serious health risk. If you want a better body, then stop looking for shortcuts and get it done through the old fashion way: through proper dieting and exercise.